Best Super Bowl Betting Sites in California

If you’re looking to make some bets on the Super Bowl when legal sports betting in California goes live, we’ve got you covered.

On this page, we provide you with a list of the top CA sportsbooks for Super Bowl betting, plus live Super Bowl odds direct from their odds boards, as well as a list of our four favorite DFS apps to enter prop-style pick’em contests when the San Francisco 49ers play the Kansas City Chiefs this Sunday.

In addition, we cover the many potential sportsbook bonuses and promotions that may be available.

Best Super Bowl betting sites for CA bettors

When California online sportsbooks go live, you’ll find the top sportsbooks for betting on the Super Bowl online. For now, there are legal DFS prop-style pick’em contests available for California sports bettors. Here are four of our favorite DFS apps to use.

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Below are four sportsbooks with a nice selection of Super Bowl betting odds that can be expected to launch in California post-legalization.

🏈 DraftKings Sportsbook

One of the most popular sportsbooks across the country, DraftKings has a massive customer base who moved over from Daily Fantasy Sports to the full sportsbook when betting became legal in various states.

DraftKings promos for new customers and existing bettors are notoriously high-value with huge prize pools. They bring out some of the best for the Super Bowl beyond the standard moneyline, point spreads, over/unders, and props.

Some of those props you might see for California’s DraftKings sportsbook include:

  • TD scorers
  • QB props
  • RB/WR props
  • D/ST props
  • Game props
  • Halves
  • Quarters

Some examples of Super Bowl props DraftKings has been known to carry include:

  • Super Bowl MVP: Cooper Kupp (+600)
  • Opening Kickoff Touchback: No (+110)
  • Total Players Attempting Passes Over 2.5 (+230)
  • Tom Brady Over 5.5 Rushing Yards (+180)
  • Total Punts Over 6.5 (-130)

They also have free-to-play options for the Super Bowl like the Super Bowl Squares game they’ve run for the past few years.  In 2021, that free squares game paid out $75,000 in prizes to the participants.

Here’s a breakdown of how those payouts went:

  • First quarter: $11,250
  • Halftime: $22,500
  • Third quarter: $11,250
  • Final score: $30,000

Check the current Super Bowl promos on DraftKings Sportsbook here.

🏈 FanDuel Sportsbook

FanDuel Sportsbook offers a similar selection of Super Bowl betting lines, and their customer service is considered second to none. They have a nicely designed user interface which makes their betting app one of the top experiences in sports betting.

You can expect a similar variety of pre-game, in-game and props as DraftKings, with a few unique props you can’t find elsewhere

Bonus and promotional offers for new accounts are bumped up for the Super Bowl as well. An example of one of their offers for the Super Bowl for new customers was a $5 bet paying out $280 — in cash, not credit or bonus bets.

Additionally, the sportsbook also offers up a form of “Super Bowl Bingo” that is free to play and has approximately $100,000 in prizes.

Here are some of the details on the payouts for the bingo game:

  • 1st place — $10,000 in site credit
  • 2-10 places — $1,000 in site credit
  • 11-20 — $250 in site credit
  • 21-200 — $100 in site credit
  • 201-600 — $50 in site credit
  • 601-1,600 — $10 in site credit
  • 1,601-4,600 — $5 in site credit
  • 4,601-20,100 — $1 in site credit
  • Players after 20,100 who call BINGO — Entry into a private Free to Play Contest for a to-be-determined sporting event with a prize pool of $1000 to be split evenly among all winners.

Check out our FanDuel Sportsbook California review for the full lineup of Super Bowl props and promos.

🏈 BetMGM Sportsbook

One of the big names in the casino industry didn’t hesitate to get into the mix with the sports betting explosion across the USA, and the industry is better off because of it.  The quality they bring to online sportsbooks in California means that you’re getting a high-value experience through their site or via their betting app.

BetMGM are very competitive in attracting new customers, so their bonuses for new sign-ups are usually some of the biggest. They aren’t shy on offering up a huge range of Super Bowl betting odds either, ranging from standard prop bets to live betting lines and alternate lines for quarters/halves.

Their biggest promotions have to do with new customers, such as the choice between a bonus bet up to $1,000, or a deposit match up to $560 in bonus bets. In 2022, BetMGM put up $200 in bonus bets if you bet $10 on either of the Super Bowl contenders scoring a touchdown in the game.

Check our review of BetMGM online sportsbook here.

🏈 Caesars Sportsbook

It comes as no surprise that Caesars Sportsbook is highly regarded by new bettors and experienced sharps. Not only does the company have a very streamlined sportsbook app, it also remains one of the most customer-focused sportsbooks.

The famous brand has a massive selection of betting odds for pretty much any sport you might be interested in betting on. Additionally, it has frequent promos and odds boosts for existing customers.

When it comes to betting the Super Bowl, Caesars has been known to have solid deals that new bettors like to jump n. Take, for example, one of the sportsbook’s past promotions:

  • Up to $1,500 deposit match

Keep in mind that Caesars also has a first-rate casino, but it hasn’t detracted from their offerings on the sportsbook side. If there was one thing we’d like to see more of from Caesars, it’s live betting opportunities. They have a selection already, but a more diverse offering would be welcome.

You can read more about Caesars Sportsbook promos by checking out our review.

Current Super Bowl odds

Super Bowl 58 features the San Francisco 49ers vs. the Kansas City Chiefs.

Their current odds at BetMGM are:

  • 49ers -130
  • Chiefs +110

Here are the odds for the Super Bowl spread at DraftKings:

  • 49ers (-2) -102
  • Chiefs (+2) -118

Check out current Super Bowl odds for California teams here:

How to bet on the Super Bowl in California

When it comes to betting on the NFL, you can make just about any wager you dream of. That’s because the National Football League is the king of sports betting in the United States.

The Super Bowl is the event that draws bettors out of the woodwork, especially now that access to sportsbooks is so easy. It’s a lot easier to tap your phone’s screen to make a few bets than to pack your bags, climb on a plane to Las Vegas, go to a casino with a sportsbook, and then make your bets.

So what kind of bet types will you find when wagering on the Super Bowl? All of them.

From moneyline to point spread to totals betting to futures, props, live betting, and more. There is such a boom in betting for the Big Game because even inexperienced bettors who want to try easy Super Bowl bets tend to come out and make a few wagers.

Super Bowl moneyline bets

The moneyline is the simplest bet you can make, which is why it’s so popular with newcomers to the hobby. You are given the choice between the two teams playing in the Super Bowl and given the odds for each.

Negative odds mean the team is the favorite to win while positive odds indicate the underdog. You pick which team you think you’ll win and if you’re right, you’ll be paid out based on the amount of your bet and the odds at the time you placed your wager.

Super Bowl spread bets

The point spread is the preferred bet type of more experienced bettors. Oddsmakers still choose which team they believe will win by giving them a negative point spread, while the underdog will have positive points.

If the favorite wins by the amount of the spread or more, then bets on them will payout. Any other outcome and the bets on the underdog will be winners.

Super Bowl over/unders

Also known as the over/under, totals bets don’t require you to choose which team is going to win at all. Instead, you are given a total number of points that oddsmakers believe the two teams will combine to score by the end of the game.

You have to determine if you believe that the two teams’ combined final scores will be over or under that total.

Super Bowl prop bets

If there’s one bet type that stands out amongst all the rest when it comes to betting on the Super Bowl in California, it’s the prop bet.

Props can range from absurd to completely serious in nature and are known to be extremely difficult to research and prepare for. But Super Bowl bettors love them, and that is because there are so many to choose from, and it’s a little bit of fun to boot.

Some of these bets are known as “exotic” prop bets, which means they are just different than normal ones. Such as how the coin toss will turn out or what color Gatorade is dumped on the winning coach.

Other bets are more standard, such as:

  • Player who will score the first touchdown
  • Player will have over/under a particular stat such as receiving yards or tackles.

While prop bets are more on the fun side of things (look at them like “side bets” with the sportsbook), they also shouldn’t be where you put the bulk of your bankroll. Make sure you’re using sound betting strategies and bankroll management to avoid overspending on bets that are so notoriously difficult to win with.

Check a full rundown of Super Bowl prop bets here.

Betting on the Super Bowl MVP

One of the most anticipated moments of the Super Bowl — for both fans and bettors alike — is announcing the game’s Most Valuable Player.

This player is typically an offensive player However, a defensive player can get the nod (such as in Super Bowl 48 and Super Bowl 50 when linebackers were the MVP of the game).

You can bet on which player you believe will win the MVP award. These lines are typically released as soon as the two teams have been decided following the NFC and AFC championship games.

Quarterbacks have traditionally won the award.

Best Super Bowl odds boosts & promos

Betting promos and bonuses are the best way to earn some quick value. Furthermore, most sports bettors are well aware that when the Super Bowl rolls around the sportsbooks will offer up a slew of incentives to entice you into making more Super Bowl bets.

Here are some of the most common Super Bowl betting offers and promos you’ll likely find in California sportsbooks:

  • Odds boosts: The chance to earn enhanced returns on select bets.
  • Bet insurance: Get your stake back up to a certain amount if your bet loses.
  • Parlay insurance: A refund up to a certain amount if you miss one leg.
  • Special props: Books will put together special prop betting opportunities that aren’t on the regular menu.
  • Super Bowl parlays: They’ll also craft parlays together and enhance the odds, such as a side to win and a player to score.
  • Crossovers: Bets that tie together the Super Bowl and another sporting event, such as an NBA or NHL game.
  • Free to play: Games where you can win real money prizes without risking any cash upfront.

Some sportsbooks really make a big deal out of their free-to-play promotions. Two of the biggest sportsbooks stepped up to the plate with massive contests for a recent Super Bowl promotion.

  • DraftKings Super Bowl Squares: Total prize pool of $55,000.
  • FanDuel Big Game Bingo: Compete for a share of the $100,000 prize pool.

Super Bowl parlays

Parlay betting allows you to make wagers on multiple outcomes on a single betting slip. Each outcome is called a “leg” in a parlay wager, and in order for you to win you need to get every leg of your wager correct.

During the regular season and even the postseason, you can wager on multiple games and try to determine their outcomes. The Super Bowl, however, is a slightly different beast in the fact that only two teams remain.

Because of that limitation, parlays for the Super Bowl tend to focus on events in the game itself, or quarter results, or even a combination crossover wager where you pick the Super Bowl winner as well as winners in the NBA or NHL, for example.

The draw to a parlay is the fact that the odds climb with every new leg you add to the bet. That means there is a much larger potential payout than if you wagered on each of the legs as their own bet. Of course, there is also a much greater risk of losing.

One of the ways sportsbooks will draw in bettors for parlays is by offering parlay insurance. That means you make your wager, and if you lose you will get a credit in your account for the amount of the wager you originally placed. You can then make a different wager with those funds, though there are rules on what gets paid out to you so make sure to read the terms and conditions of any promotional offer before partaking.

The key to betting on parlays is understanding that they are notoriously difficult to really be prepared for, and that adding too many legs may feel like a great way to a big payout, but your chances of winning diminish with each new addition to your bet slip. Keep it small to increase your chances of taking home some profits.

What is the Super Bowl alternate line?

Alternate lines allow bettors to shift the odds closer to where they want them.

For example, if the Rams were at -110 odds with a 7.5-point spread in their favor, but you weren’t sure they could cover that, you could go with an alternate line. You could grab the Rams at a 3.5-point spread at -225 odds, for example, or even get that down to 1.5 points with -330 odds.

Alternate lines can work in your favor in terms of potential payout, too. If you’re confident that the Rams would outpace that 7.5-point spread and wanted to go higher, you might find odds of +125 at -9.5 points, or even more. Books typically offer lines that go in the opposite directions for any alternates they are offering. The odds shift with each one.

Live betting on the Super Bowl

Online sportsbooks and mobile betting apps make in-game, or live, betting possible. That means that you can bet on the Super Bowl while the game is being played.

During live betting, you can bet on updated odds for all the main pregame bets like the moneyline, point spread and totals. Additionally, you can also make bets on smaller segments of the game, such as the team leading at the end of a quarter or at the half.

Live betting also lets you bet on player props, team props and other game-time situations. The odds are constantly shifting as the action unfolds, so using a Super Bowl betting app makes keeping up to speed easier.

Live betting on the Super Bowl is proving to be very popular, which means it is likely only going to continue to grow and become more of a mainstay with bettors during the Big Game.

What are the Vegas Super Bowl odds?

Once upon a time, Las Vegas was one of the few places you could go to make sports bets. The oddsmakers in Sin City were the end-all of the industry and the absolute best in the business.

While Vegas still has sportsbooks for you to enjoy, the lines they set in Nevada aren’t considered to be so perfect anymore. Instead, all of the most reputable and reliable sportsbooks, including those that operate in California, have their own oddsmakers who create their lines for them.

Because of the shift out of Vegas with sports betting being legalized in multiple states across the country, there is less reason for bettors to rely solely on the numbers coming out of the sportsbooks there.

While they are still a great resource for comparing lines, you can use the sportsbooks available to you for line shopping and getting the best possible return on your wager.

2024 Super Bowl LVIII Details

The Super Bowl traditionally starts at 6:30 p.m. ET and finishes sometime after 10 p.m.

Each half lasts about an hour and a half, and the halftime show is typically around 25 minutes or so.

Below are details for the 58th iteration of the Super Bowl:

  • Date: Sunday, Feb. 11, 2024
  • Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Stadium: Allegiant Stadium
  • Kickoff time: 6:30 p.m. ET
  • TV coverage: CBS
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