DraftKings Sportsbook in California

While Californians can play daily fantasy sports using DraftKings’ app, betting on the company’s sportsbook app — or any sportsbook app — is something you can’t do in the state.

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In 2018, states other than Nevada gained the ability to legalize retail and online sports betting if they wished, and since then DraftKings has opened online sportsbooks in 11 states and counting. Yet California, the state with the biggest population and largest number of major professional sports teams, still does not have an ETA for when sportsbooks can open.

The problem really comes down to the inability of the state’s tribal casinos and card rooms to compromise on how to legislate sports wagering. California has over 50 tribal casinos, and they believe current law gives them control of all forms of gambling in the state.

Under bills proposed by the tribes, not only would the card rooms be left out of sports betting, but online sportsbooks would not be allowed either. With the sides so far apart, there appears to be a lot of work left before California might legalize sports betting.

With DraftKings DFS already active in the state, though, there is little question that if online sportsbooks are authorized, DraftKings California would be one of the first to seek to launch.

When will sports betting be legal in California?

California is similar to a few other states in that it needs to pass a state amendment to make sports betting legal. In California, that means a bill needs to get through the Assembly and Senate by a two-thirds majority. After that, the governor would need to sign it, at which time it would head to a statewide ballot. California voters then would need to approve the measure to allow sports betting by a simple majority.

State lawmakers have drafted various bills at this point, and while none of them have passed, they do at least give us a solid visualization of what exactly sports wagering in California might look like.

  • First, the betting age will likely be 21. Also, if mobile betting is permitted, users will have to be in state lines at the time they submit any bets.
  • Sportsbooks would need to pay both licensing fees and taxes on their revenues.
  • Sportsbooks would be able to accept bets on professional and college sports. However, there is a chance that California would prohibit wagers on in-state colleges and universities, similar to the rules in New Jersey and some other states.

The largest issue remains whether the state will allow online sportsbooks. Tribal casinos are opposed to online books because they fear such books could hurt their in-person casino business. In states with online and retail sportsbooks, the vast majority of bets are online.

What to expect from DraftKings Sportsbook California

DraftKings allows you to place bets and manage your account on its sportsbook website as well as its app, which is available for Apple and Android devices. If you already have a DraftKings DFS account, you can use the same login information for the sportsbook if it becomes available in California.

DraftKings has become a top online sportsbook because it does a great job of making it easy to bet on sports, whether you are an experienced bettor or a newcomer.

DraftKings pros and cons

First of all, DraftKings has a loyalty program, which is somewhat rare for online sportsbooks, and the way it works is really simple. You’ll earn a crown for every $2 you bet at the sportsbook and for every $1 you bet at the DFS site. You can redeem crowns for tickets for DraftKings contests or for DK Dollars, which you can wager just like cash. It takes 550 crowns to get one DK Dollar.

Another benefit of being a DraftKings Sportsbook user is the many promotions it runs throughout the year. And the sportsbook has promos to reward both small-scale and big-time bettors.

DraftKings also has some areas it could improve, though. First, you have to opt in to most of the promotions. Doing this isn’t a problem, but if you fail to do so you won’t receive the bonuses. Also, make sure you read the terms for each promotion. Oftentimes it sounds like you receive your money back for different offers, but what you usually get is a free bet credit, not simple cash back.

Types of bets available at DraftKings sports betting

Not only does DraftKings accept a variety of bets, but its bet slip is easy to understand for new bettors. To get started, here are some of the most common types of wagers at the online sportsbook apps.

  • Moneylines: Bets on the moneyline are simply bets on who is going to win a game. Underdogs will have positive odds, and favorites will have negative odds. You’ll of course stand to win less money betting on favorites as the sportsbook views them as the more likely victor.
  • Point spreads: Point spread betting is betting with a handicap applied. An underdog will receive points at the end of a game, while favorites have points taken away.
  • Totals: When you wager on the total, you are betting on the total combined score in a game. The sportsbook sets an estimated score, and you can wager if the actual score will be over or under that line.
  • Parlays: Combine multiple selections into a single bet. You’ll receive an increased payout over making individual bets if you win, but each selection must be correct or you’ll lose the whole parlay.

For more information, DraftKings also offers a How to Bet 101 page on its website.

Sports and teams you can bet on at DraftKings online sportsbook

DraftKings has betting markets for just about every sport, league and team you could want. For Californians looking to wager on a local squad, that means the following betting markets:

  • NFL odds (Los Angeles Rams, Los Angeles Chargers, San Francisco 49ers)
  • NBA odds (Los Angeles Clippers, Los Angeles Lakers, Sacramento Kings, Golden State Warriors)
  • MLB odds (San Francisco Giants, San Diego Padres, Oakland Athletics, Los Angeles Angels, Los Angeles Dodgers)
  • NHL odds (Anaheim Ducks, San Jose Sharks, Los Angeles Kings)
  • WNBA odds (Los Angeles Sparks)
  • MLS odds (San Jose Earthquakes, Los Angeles FC, Los Angeles Galaxy)

You also can bet on college football and bet on college basketball, bet on the Home Run Derby or 3-Pt Shootout, bet on the PGA Tour, NASCAR, UFC, tennis and international soccer leagues like Mexico’s Liga MX, Europe’s Champions League, Spain’s La Liga and the World Cup.

DraftKings promotions

We touched on DraftKings promotions a little bit earlier, but here’s a more in-depth look at the kinds of promos the sportsbook offers its users:

  • Welcome bonuses: You’ll have your first deposit matched at a rate of 20% up to $1,000, along with having your first bet matched up to $50.
  • Free pools: DraftKings also runs free pools with cash prizes. These contest are going on pretty much all the time, and while they are extremely tough to win, the fact that they don’t cost anything to enter makes them worth a shot.
  • No-brainer bets: These bets are almost always capped at $10-$25, but you are betting on things like whether a touchdown will be scored during the NFL’s wild card weekend. Essentially, they’re as close to a sure thing as possible.
  • Daily boosted bets: DraftKings offers a handful of bets each day with increased odds. These can be highly profitable, but we like to preach caution because it can be easy to see odds increase from +300 to +365, for instance, and think you need to bet. But just because the odds have increased doesn’t mean it’s any more likely to happen.

DraftKings frequently comes out with new promotional offers, so if it does launch in California, be sure to check the promotions page to see what is going on.

DraftKings history

DraftKings dates back to 2012 when it launched as a DFS site. It really rose to prominence a few years later when it began a major marketing campaign. That campaign put both DraftKings and FanDuel on center stage thanks to all the commercials that both companies ran.

In 2018, DraftKings debuted its sportsbook, which it has since launched in Illinois, Colorado, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, West Virginia and Virginia. Chances are good that the sportsbook will continue to expand, possibly into California should the state legalize online sportsbooks.

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