Media Inquiries

The PlayCA team is available and willing to provide help and guidance to others reporting on all aspects of California gambling. Working on a story about California card rooms or tribal casinos? Examining the possibility of legal sports betting coming to California? Our writers are happy to share their knowledge and insight to help add credibility to your reporting on any aspect of California gambling.

Our staff includes industry experts and analysts with a wealth of experience reporting on all aspects of California gambling. Each of our writers has spent many years covering the industry as it has evolved in the Golden State and across the US. As a result, members of our staff are routinely called upon to provide their expertise to other print and online outlets seeking information and/or clarity about California gambling options, ongoing legal developments, and anything else concerning the past, present, and future of California gambling.

Additionally, as part of the Catena Media network, we have extensive resources at our disposal to help us find information about a range of industry-related topics and issues. We are available as well for appearances or to conduct analyses, so feel free to get in touch with any questions or requests. Whatever you are looking for regarding gambling-related matters, PlayCA can help.

For all media inquiries, email [email protected].

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