Sports Betting Revenue Could Bring Billions To California, Report Says

Gambling Research Firm: Legal Sports Betting Could Bring $2.5B Annually To California

Although it could be a while before it becomes a reality, there is a reason for optimism regarding legal sports betting in California. A boutique research firm for the gaming industry says that sports betting revenue could be quite lucrative for California. While that obviously would benefit the state’s coffers, Sacramento isn’t the only party […]
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What Happens If Voters Approve Multiple Constitutional Amendments?

What Happens If California Voters Approve Multiple Gambling Expansion Amendments?

The state of California could see a rare occurrence this November. The people may have their choice of multiple constitutional amendments that would expand gambling in their state. That produces the possibility that voters might approve both measures. The state is prepared for that situation, however. The law is actually pretty clear. What happens to […]
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