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Who is Tyler Andrews?

Tyler grew up in Las Vegas in the days before non-smoking casinos and major league sports. He attended Cal State Long Beach and began his journalistic career in the press boxes, pits and infields of Southern California. He then spent four years in Barcelona, writing for Metropolitan BCN about FC Barcelona football, art and entertainment. During this time he taught high school, an experience that has translated into his pursuit of targeted responsible gambling education for teens. 

He now resides in Dallas, Texas, where he’s covered the gaming industry for various state markets. With PlaycA, he is in regular conversation with state lawmakers, gaming industry leaders and academics to bring Californios the most important legal gambling storylines in the state. A couple of those include:

  • How commercial operators will knit up their differences with California’s tribes?
  • What responsible gambling frameworks need to be established to protect California student-athletes?

When he’s not playing around with his two daughters, he goes to concerts with his wife, plays disc golf, collects comic books and roots for the Vegas Golden Knights.

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“When problem gambling is seen purely as a behavior, solutions revolve around self-control, discipline and making wise choices. People screw up and feel ashamed. Their families shake their heads and scold them for this weakness. There’s confusion and frustration. However, that paints a very narrow picture of gambling as an addiction.”

“Criminalizing gambling degrades communities where gambling rings are busted. No one wants to live next door to an underground gambling parlor. No one wants to live next door to a house that gets raided by the cops either. Both scenarios can be significantly curtailed by regulating the industry.”

“Despite approaching and sometimes eclipsing NHL hockey in viewership, auto-racing hasn’t reached anything near hockey’s betting popularity. And this has more to do with betting products on offer for auto racing than it does with the sport itself.”

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