The 5 Richest Sports Franchises in CA

The list of major professional sports teams in California is lengthy and includes some of the winningest and most storied franchises in the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB and MLS. In fact, there are a total of 18 major pro sports teams in California. They include:

  • 3 NFL teams (Rams, 49ers, Chargers)
  • 4 NBA teams (Warriors, Lakers, Clippers, Kings)
  • 3 NHL teams (Kings, Ducks, Sharks)
  • 5 MLB teams (Dodgers, Angels, A’s, Giants, Padres)
  • 3 MLS teams (Galaxy, LAFC, Earthquake)

Where do the top major pro sports teams in the state rank in terms of franchise value? Here’s a quick look at the 5 most valuable sports teams in California:

No. 1: Los Angeles Rams ($4.8 billion)

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On the Forbes list of “The NFL’s Most Valuable Teams 2021,” the Super Bowl LVI Champion Los Angeles Rams are at No. 4 behind the top-ranked Dallas Cowboys ($6.5 billion).

The Rams are the richest of the two LA NFL teams and are valued at $4.8 billion. That makes them the most valuable pro sports team in California by a nose (about $100 million more than our No. 2 team).

The Rams were much further down this list a year ago when the valuation was closer to $4 billion. The franchise’s major growth spurt started when the Rams moved back to LA from St. Louis, Missouri, in 2016 (the team’s home since 1994 when it first left LA).

The Rams subsequently appeared in Super Bowl LIII, losing to the New England Patriots, before winning Super Bowl LVI this past season. The team also moved into the swanky new $6 billion SoFi Stadium in 2020.

The last Forbes list of the “World’s Most Valuable Sports Teams” used the Rams’ $4 billion valuations, which put the franchise in a tie for 13th. It also showed the value of the team had grown 176 percent during the past five years.

Obviously, the growth numbers will be even bigger next time, and the Rams will likely break into the top 10.

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No. 2: Golden State Warriors ($4.7 billion)

Forbes’ list of “The NBA’s Most Valuable Teams 2021-22” has the Golden State Warriors at No. 2, behind only the $5.8 billion New York Knicks. It claims the Bay Area-based basketball squad is worth some $4.7 billion, making it the second most valuable pro sports team in California.

What does $4.7 billion get you these days? Well, three NBA Championships over the past decade (2015, 2017, 2018), plus a trio of superstars in Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green still leading the team in 2022.

The Warriors moved from the 1960s-era Oracle Arena in Oakland to the brand new $1.4 billion Chase Center in San Francisco in 2019, which boosted the team’s value substantially. In fact, the Warriors now sit sixth on Forbes’ list of the “World’s Most Valuable Sports Teams,” meaning they’ve increased in value by 147 percent during the past five years.

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No. 3: Los Angeles Lakers ($4.6 billion)

The Warriors are No. 2 on Forbes’ list of “The NBA’s Most Valuable Teams 2021-22,” but the Los Angeles Lakers are not too far behind at No. 3. Forbes says Los Angeles’ marquee basketball franchise is worth some $4.6 billion, making it the third most valuable major pro sports team in the state.

It may come as a surprise to some that the Lakers aren’t ahead of the Warriors since the franchise is among the top two most successful in NBA history with 17 championships (the Celtics also have 17 titles). Plus, the Lakers have LeBron James, the NBA’s marquee superstar and a four-time NBA champion, four-time NBA Finals MVP and four-time NBA MVP.

James delivered a title to LA in 2020 to help boost the team’s value by 70 percent over the past five years. It now sits seventh on Forbes’ list of the “World’s Most Valuable Sports Teams.” However, Arena (formerly Staples Center) is 20 years older than the Warriors’ Chase Center, and aging King James and the Lake Show don’t seem to have the global marketing appeal Steph and the Dubs do.

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No. 4: San Francisco 49ers ($4.175 billion)

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Much like the Lakers and Warriors, the San Francisco 49ers are the more successful franchise historically compared to the Rams, but the Niners are worth less.

Forbes’ list of “The NFL’s Most Valuable Teams 2021” has the five-time Super Bowl Champion 49ers valued at $4.175 billion, sixth in the NFL and fourth on this list.

The most recent Forbes list of the “World’s Most Valuable Sports Teams” also uses an older $3.8 billion valuation for the team, putting it in 15th place. The list also claimed a 41 percent increase in value during the past five years. Growth since might not have the Niners breaking into the Top 10, but the team is certainly moving up that list.

A lot of the 49ers’ growth comes from almost a decade ago, back in 2014, when the team moved from the dusty, old Candlestick Park to the modern $1.3 billion Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California.

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No. 5: Los Angeles Dodgers $3.57 billion

Finally, one of California’s five MLB teams wraps up this list at No. 5. The Los Angeles Dodgers sit second on Forbes’ list of “Baseball’s Most Valuable Teams 2021.”

Of course, the team’s $3.57 billion valuations are far below that of the New York Yankees, valued at $5.25 billion and second only to the Dallas Cowboys on Forbes’ list of the “World’s Most Valuable Sports Teams.” The Dodgers sit 16th on that list after posting 43 percent growth in value during the past five years.

Things are looking up for the Dodgers, though. This team has won not only a record 24 National League pennants but also seven World Series, most recently in 2020.

The franchise still calls Dodger Stadium home, its iconic digs since 1962. However, it’s still profitable and underwent a $100 million renovation ahead of the 2020 season.

Hundreds of millions in recently inked broadcasting deals aside, a lot of the Dodgers’ growth is actually tied to MLB growth. MLB team values have soared during the past decade. Most recently, MLB team values increased another 3 percent to an average of $1.9 billion, an all-time record that’s likely to be broken again this season.

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