Bet on NFL Player Props

There’s little doubt the NFL is king at the betting window and with that title comes more and more betting odds offered. Typically the moneyline, spread and totals draw a lot of action, but experienced bettors also know there is a lot of value in NFL player props.

If you’ve dabbled in fantasy football you will know the basics of tracking player performances and predicting what they’ll do in the next game. Below we‘ll show you why NFL player props are an easy way to transition from DFS to sportsbooks plus provide searchable live NFL player prop odds from online sportsbooks.

Tonight’s NFL player props

When California legalizes sports betting, you can search the prop odds tool for any NFL player. All the current NFL odds offered at California online sportsbook will be listed. If you see odds you like, just click on them to go to the corresponding sportsbook, make an account and start betting.

Where to find NFL player props online in California

When betting on NFL player props, you’ll want to use sportsbooks that have a variety of odds to browse through. Below we take a look at some of the most reputable sportsbook apps in California and what they offer for NFL props.

DraftKings NFL player props

For US sports bettors, DraftKings is one of the most popular sportsbooks currently available. Their odds markets for the NFL are particularly impressive as well, with likely the most prop options beyond solid moneyline and NFL spread odds in sports betting.

DraftKings has hundreds of NFL player props every week, especially on the offensive side of the ball. That doesn’t mean they slack for defensive props, though. In fact, they tend to offer more in that department than their competitors, like FanDuel.

Standard NFL props you’ll find include

  • TD scorers
  • QB props (TDs, passing yards, rushing yards, etc)
  • RB/WR props (TDs, yards gained, catches, first downs, etc)
  • D/ST props (Safety y/n, lineman TD, longest FG o/u, etc)

You’ll also find lots of unique player props and combo props exclusive to DraftKings similar to:

  • 1st scoring play
  • Double doink (FG hits both uprights)
  • Team with most punts
  • Etc.

You can read an in-depth review of DraftKings Sportsbook here.

FanDuel NFL player props

Much like DraftKings, FanDuel has become known for their range of prop betting opportunities. They might not have the same defensive options for bettors to choose from as DK or BetMGM, but their offensive variety of prop bet has something for everyone.

Fans of parlays have found a wealth of value in FanDuel’s “Same Game Parlay” offer, allowing bettors to bet on a single ticket featuring multiple legs. Those parlays can be customized by the bettor with all the various options presented by FanDuel.

Here are some NFL player props you’ll potentially find at FanDuel:

  • 1st TD scorer plus moneyline pick
  • Anytime TD scorer plus moneyline pick
  • Moneyline + total points
  • Spread + total points

FanDuel’s app and online sportsbook is quite user friendly, though not as streamlined as DraftKings. You can read our FanDuel online sportsbook review right here.

BetMGM NFL player props

While BetMGM has a reputation for being one of the more respected sportsbooks across the United States, it’s offerings for NFL player props lags behind its main competition in DraftKings and FanDuel.

BetMGM does have a nice selection of defensive prop bets, however, and actually outpaces FanDuel in that particular department.  For those looking for a more exclusive selection of betting opportunities, BetMGM does have more unique NFL props than most of their competition.

For example, you might find props like these the next time you go to BetMGM for NFL props:

  • Team to call first timeout
  • Side with the first coach’s challenge
  • Score in final two minutes of half — yes or no
  • Safety in the game — yes or no
  • Overtime needed — yes or no

For player props, BetMGM offers up such bets as:

  • TD scorers
  • Offensive yardage
  • Defensive stats

While it is true that BetMGM doesn’t have the variety of its competitors, the NFL player props they do offer may be enough for the bettor who only dabbles in that category.

You can read all about the BetMGM Sportsbook mobile app by reading our review.

Caesars Sportsbook NFL player props

Despite the fact that Caesars is one of the most recognizable names in the betting industry, diehard NFL player prop bettors are probably going to be disappointed in their offerings.

That said, the sportsbook still has all of the most popular opportunities. The typical bets for yardage and touchdowns and scorers are all available, but there isn’t much in the way of unique bets.

You’ll get to choose from three specific categories of NFL prop bets when using the Caesars online sportsbook: touchdown scorers, player props and prop bets.

Here are some of the bets you’ll likely find when using Caesars:

  • Will there be overtime?
  • Winning margin
  • Total points odd/even
  • Total touchdowns
  • Team to score most touchdowns
  • Team to score most touchdowns three-way
  • Total punts

You can read more about the Caesars Sportsbook betting app right here.

What are the best player prop bets in the NFL?

When betting on NFL player props, you are focused on how that player will perform in an upcoming game. These bets range in variety, depending on which sportsbook you’re using, but often are centered around:

  • Passing yards
  • Rushing yards
  • Receiving yards/catches
  • Player touchdowns
  • Interceptions
  • Sacks
  • Tackles, etc.

If you’ve ever dabbled in fantasy football, then you’re well aware of how to track the progress of certain players and predict how well they will do in their next game.

The transition from betting DFS to making bets on props at your favorite sportsbook isn’t very difficult at all. However, just like any time you’re using real money, you need to be careful and use a strong betting strategy as well as thoughtful bankroll management.

The variety of bets you’ll encounter range from straight up moneyline-style bets to over/unders and more. You can even bet parlays, if that’s your preference, though they are proven to be a higher risk than other bets.

Here is a sampling of example prop bets for NFL players that have proven to be popular with football bettors:

  • Tyler Higbee (or any receiver) over 40.5 receiving yards +100
  • Robbie Gould (or any kicker) over 1.5 field goals made +110
  • Cam Akers (or any RB) under 63.5 rushing yards -110
  • Jimmy Garoppolo and Matthew Stafford each throw over 0.5 interceptions same-game parlay +240
  • Cooper Kupp over 105.5 receiving yards -115

Best season-long NFL player props

Not every prop bet in California sportsbooks is going to be centered on a single game. Instead, there are many that are focused on the season-long accomplishments that a player is able to tabulate.

Here are a few examples of season-long NFL player prop bets you might find:

  • Matthew Stafford under 4,200.5 passing yards +125
  • Elijah Mitchell under 900 rushing yards +220
  • Cooper Kupp over 1,025 receiving yards -110
  • Joey Bosa NFL sacks leader +4000

Futures bets may seem similar to player props, but they are typically focused on the accolades a player receives for the season. Here’s a small sampling of what you might see in NFL player futures:

  • Cooper Kupp NFL MVP +3000
  • Justin Herbert NFL Offensive Player of the Year +1250
  • Aaron Donald NFL Defensive Player of the Year +550
  • Trey Lance Offensive Rookies of the Year +600

For more information you can find our dedicated futures odds page.

Offensive player props vs. defensive player props

In the majority of sportsbooks, the offense gets the majority of the attention for betting. It’s flashier, it’s popular and it is where the best selection of bets are. Here is a sample of some offensive player props you might find in your favorite sportsbook:

  • Over/under rushing yards
  • Over/under passing yards
  • First touchdown scorer of the game
  • Over/under total yards
  • First player with a reception
  • Longest reception over/under
  • Over/under total touchdowns

On the defensive side of the ball, you typically won’t find as many prop bets available. There are still plenty to choose from, however. Below is a small sampling of some defensive prop bets you might find:

  • First player to record a sack
  • Over/under total tackles
  • First player with an interception
  • Over/under takeaways

As mentioned above, DraftKings and BetMGM offer slightly more props for defensive players than other books.

Best special teams & kicker props

It’s pretty common for people to overlook special teams when it comes to NFL bets. The truth is, special teams are just as important as any other aspect of the game, and sportsbooks make sure to include some bets aimed specifically at that part of football.

There are bets for kickers, returners and more. Here are some examples of special teams prop bets you might encounter:

  • Opening kickoff to be a touchback? — No -110
  • Over 0.5 total field goals made in the first quarter -105
  • Over 1.5 Matt Gay total field goals attempted -155
  • Over 6.5 total punts +145
  • Blocked field goal? — Yes +375

The volume of prop bets focused on special teams will vary by sportsbook, which is one of the reasons we always suggest bettors use multiple books to be able to get the lines they want.

NFL player props to stay away from

Some bets are just a better value than others. Knowing which ones to avoid can help you keep some money in your bankroll and your bets focused on better opportunities.

Below are a few bets we think everyone should avoid when looking at NFL props:

  • Opening kickoff returned for a touchdown: This is a tough bet to prepare for, and it is essentially just the bettor guessing as to if the returners on both teams are capable of taking the ball all the way back for a score. Truth is, it doesn’t happen very often, and winning such a bet happens even less.
  • Non-quarterback to throw a touchdown: Trick plays are all the rage every season, and for good reason: they are fun to watch. But most NFL teams aren’t about to put the ball in the air off the arm of a player who isn’t trained at the quarterback position. Does it happen? Yes. Does it occur enough to make this a smart bet? Not at all. Focus your money on bets with better value instead.
  • Blocked field goal: During the 2021 season, only 10 teams out of the 32 that play in the NFL had a field goal blocked. Those odds aren’t in your favor in any way. With so many bets out there with better odds and that are more practical, it’s best to stay away from such long shots as this.

Off-field & Super Bowl player props

Not all bets are focused on what actually happens during the game. In fact, some are focused on aspects that have nothing to do with the outcome, the events, the performances, or anything else.

These bets, known as off-field bets, are often not used by many sportsbooks, though you can find them here and there and especially when the Super Bowl rolls around. With the NFL being the king of sports betting in the United States, it comes as no surprise that the Super Bowl is the single largest event for betting volume and dollar amounts. For many bettors, Super Bowl props are the first thing they ever placed money on. For others, it’s just a nice change of pace.

You’ll find such bets as the following at some sportsbooks:

  • Color of sports drink dumped on winning coach
  • Which team will Colin Kaepernick sign with next?
  • Which player will be the first overall selection in the NFL Draft?
  • Which coach will be the first to be fired next season?

The lists can get pretty wild with some very odd off-field betting opportunities. Keep in mind that these are often very risky wagers, which means the smart move is to usually avoid them altogether.

Bankroll management and a solid betting strategy are key in sports betting, and exotic prop bets such as those we mentioned above, among many others, are just not a good value.

NFL Draft player props

The NFL Draft has turned into quite the spectacle with coverage starting at the end of the NFL season right up through the final draft pick.

Sports bettors in California can make bets on the draft at many sportsbooks, such as BetMGM, FanDuel, DraftKings, and others.

Below are some of the prop bets you might find that are focused specifically on the annual NFL Draft:

  • Which player will be drafted first overall?
  • Which quarterback will be the first drafted?
  • How many QBs will be selected in the first round?
  • Who will be the first running back selected in the NFL Draft?
  • Which player will be the first cornerback taken in the NFL Draft?
  • Will a specific player be drafted in the top 10?
  • Which team will select a specific player?

Like all forms of prop betting, the variety of bets comes down to which sportsbook you’re using. Some of the best sportsbooks for NFL player props are more focused on the draft than others, which is a great reason to do some research on which sportsbooks you like the most. Make sure to create accounts with them to allow you to do line shopping as well as find the best variety of bets that meet your interests.

Rules for NFL player props at legal CA sportsbooks

Every sportsbook has its own set of rules when it comes to each sport they take bets on. These rules can be found in the terms and conditions section of the online sportsbook, and they are also made available to you to accept when you first sign up for an account.

Below are a few NFL player prop betting rules that are pretty common across all of the various online betting sites in California:

  • Your bet will be canceled if the player is inactive according to the league’s official injury report.
  • If it’s part of a same-game parlay, your bet will be canceled completely by most sportsbooks if the player in question does not play a single snap.
  • If part of a multi-game parlay, most sportsbooks will simply remove the leg of the parlay for the player who did not play.

Each sportsbook makes its own rules as to if a bet will stand if a player is active but does not play a single snap. Below are the house rules for if a player has to see action or if they simply need to be active in order for an NFL player prop bet to stand:

  • DraftKings: On any player prop, a player must play at least one snap for bets to have action. If a player is inactive or did not play, bets will be voided.
  • FanDuel: Players who are listed as active will have bets on them stand. Only players who are inactive of the official league report will have bets voided.
  • BetMGM: Player must be listed as active on official league sources for bets to have action. If players are inactive, then bets will be refunded.
  • PointsBet: Player props based on performance (passing/rushing/receiving yardage, touchdowns, turnovers, etc.) must have the player on the field of play for at least one snap for bets to stand.
  • Caesars: For any proposition bets to be considered action, a player must play in the game for at least a single snap.

You can find all of the terms and conditions by searching for the house rules of the sportsbook that you’re interested in. Legal and regulated sportsbooks in the United States are required to make their house rules available to their customers.

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