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USC football odds

The University of Southern California Trojans football program has built up a legion of fans throughout the decades, and with 11 claimed national titles and 39 conference titles, they’ve kept those fans happy.

Sports bettors in California are keeping a close eye on the Trojans and their NCAA football schedule because there’s typically a lot of value to be found when betting on them.

Below check the latest USC football odds, how to bet on USC online in California, and more.

This week’s USC Trojans point spread odds

The point spread is the preferred bet type for most college football bettors as it creates a more level playing field between the two teams. In many cases, point spread bets hold better value than their moneyline counterparts as well.

If you see USC Trojans spread odds that you like in our tracker below, click on them to go to the sportsbook, sign up for an account and claim your sports betting bonus.

USC Trojans NCAA football championship odds

The University of Southern California is no stranger to earning a national championship, but will history repeat itself with another title to Los Angeles?

Below find the latest USC national championship odds direct from legal online betting sites. Click on any USC Trojans football odds to jump right to the sportsbook and open an account.

How to bet on USC Trojans football online

Below find the various bet types available for betting on USC football online in California.

USC Trojans moneyline bet

The moneyline bet is the most common when it comes to betting on college football. The simplest description is this: You have two teams playing each other and you pick which team you think will win.

The sportsbooks will give you odds for each side of the bet and your winnings will be based on those odds and your bet amount.

An example of a moneyline bet on the DraftKings app, one of the top sportsbooks in the nation, might look like this:

  • USC Trojans (-120)
  • Notre Dame Fighting Irish (+130)

What we can see here is the DraftKings oddsmakers believe that USC is going to win the game, hence the negative odds they are assigned. Those negative numbers show you how much you need to bet in order to win $100. So a $120 bet on the Trojans winning would pay out $220 — the original bet plus the profit.

On the other side of the bet, the positive numbers for the Irish show you how much you’d win for a $100 bet. So, if that were the case and Notre Dame won, you would win $230 — your bet amount plus the $130 in winnings.

USC Trojans point spread bet 

Experienced bettors tend to lean toward the point spread as their preferred bet. The way a point spread works is the two teams playing are given positive and negative points. The negative points indicate which team is the favorite and how much they need to win by.

If they do so, or win by more, then bets on them will pay out. However, if they win but by fewer points than assigned to them, or lose outright, their side loses the bet.

On the FanDuel Sportsbook, you might find a point spread bet that looks something like this:

  • USC Trojans -7.5 (-110)
  • UCLA Bruins +7.5 (-110)

We can see here that the FanDuel oddsmakers are expecting the Trojans to win by at least eight points. The Bruins only need to lose by fewer than seven points in order to have their side win the bet.

In either case, the odds are set at -110, and the reason for that is the point spread essentially “evens” the game for the two teams, giving both sides a pretty equal chance of winning.

Like our above example, negative odds show you how much you need to wager in order to win $100 in profits.

USC Trojans totals bet

Totals bets are commonly referred to as the over/under and they are one of the most popular bet types available at California sportsbooks. The way it works is oddsmakers assign a total number of points that the two teams are expected to combine to score.

If the two final scores add up to over that amount, then wagers on the over will pay, but bets on the under require the two teams to score fewer than predicted.

Here’s an example of what a possible over/under opportunity at Caesars Sportsbook online might look like:

  • Over 48.5 (-110)
  • Under 48.5 (-110)

Both sides of this totals bet carry the same odds, though that isn’t always the case. There are sometimes minor differences based on the teams playing, the situation they are playing in, and much more.

USC Trojans prop bets 

Some bettors swear by prop bets while others try to avoid them completely. The way you can look at them is as a “side bet” with a sportsbook that typically doesn’t really have anything to do with the outcome of the game.

These can range from extremely serious to downright absurd, but it is key to remember that the harder a subject is to research, the greater your chances of losing your stake are.

BetMGM online sportsbook has been known to carry a big selection of NCAA football prop bets over the years. Here’s an example of what one of the sportsbook’s listings could look like:

Which team will lead at the half?

  • USC Trojans (-120)
  • Oregon Ducks (+100)

This example shows us that the oddsmakers at BetMGM think that the Trojans will have the edge by the time halftime rolls around. That can be by as little as a single point or by a whole lot more. All that matters is they are in the lead.

The sports betting odds work the same as they do in our above examples.

USC Trojans coaching staff

The Trojans have a history of solid head coaches over the years, and their current staff is no different. Below we take a look at the key personnel on the sidelines for USC football.

  • Head coach: Lincoln Riley
  • Assistant head coach: Dennis Simmons
  • Defensive coordinator: Alex Grinch
  • Offensive coordinator: Josh Henson
  • Special teams coordinator: Ryan Dougherty

Throughout the history of the USC football program, there have been a total of 17 head coaches. Below we take a look at each one, including their overall record during their tenure.

  • Lincoln Riley, 2022-current
  • Clay Helton, 2013, 2015-2021 — 46-24
  • Steve Sarkisian, 2014-2015 — 12-6
  • Ed Orgeron, 2013 — 6-2
  • Lane Kiffin, 2010-2013 — 28-15
  • Pete Carroll, 2001-2009 — 97-19
  • Paul Hackett, 1998-2000 — 19-18
  • John Robinson, 1976-1982, 1993-1997 — 104-35-4
  • Larry Smith, 1987-1992 — 44-25-3
  • Ted Tollner, 1983-1986 — 26-20-1
  • John McKay, 1960-1975 — 127-40-8
  • Don Clark, 1957-1959 —13-16-1
  • Jess Hill, 1951-1956 — 46-17-1
  • Jeff Cravath, 1942-1950 — 54-28-8
  • Sam Berry, 1941 — 2-6-2
  • Howard Jones, 1925-1940 — 121-36-13
  • Elmer Henderson, 1919-1924 — 45-7

Where do the Trojans play their home games?

The University of Southern California Trojans play all of their home games on the Bermuda grass of the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, which the university is responsible for operating.

Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum is located at:

  • 3911 South Figueroa Street
  • Los Angeles, California

Here are some additional facts about the Coliseum:

  • Owner: City of Los Angeles, Couthy of Los Angeles, State of California
  • Operator: University of Southern California
  • Opened: January 5, 1923
  • Construction cost: $954,869 ($15.2 million in 2021 dollars) with $954,869 in renovations by USC in 2010 ($1.19 million in 2021 dollars) and another $315 million in renovations by USC in 2018
  • Capacity: 77,500
  • Other events: LA Giltinis (Major League Rugby) and Busch Light Clash at The Coliseum (NASCAR)

How to watch and listen to USC Trojans games

The University of Southern California Trojans college football team has legions of fans across the nation, which is unsurprising considering the level of football they have played over the decades.

The Pac-12 Conference, which the Trojans are a part of, has a partnership with ESPN, Fox Sports and the Pac-12 Network. Between those three services, fans can catch all of the USC Trojans’ home football games, as well as the home games for all other Pac-12 programs.

For those who would like to listen in on the radio, the Trojans Media Network has live broadcasts of all USC football games on 790 KABC (Los Angeles), 1400 KSHP (Las Vewgas), 1010 KXPS (Palm Desert, CA) and 1230 KSZL (Barstow, CA).

You can also listen to them on the SiriusXM service, or stream online at

A brief history of the USC Trojans football team

With over 100 years of football having been played at the University of Southern California, it’s no surprise they’ve put together quite the history. Below we take a look at some of the most important moments throughout the history of the Trojans football program.

  • 2005 — Running back Reggie Bush wins the Heisman Trophy, but a 2010 ruling by the NCAA following an investigation forced him to vacate the title
  • 2004 — Matt Leinart, a junior quarterback, wins the Heisman voting
  • 2004 — USC wins their 11th national championship
  • 2003 — The Trojans return to dominance with a national championship under the coaching of Pete Carroll
  • 2002 — Carlson Palmer becomes the first quarterback at USC to win the Heisman
  • 1981 — Marcus Allen, a senior running back, wins the Heisman Trophy voting
  • 1979 — Running back Charles White is awarded the Heisman Trophy
  • 1978 — USC earns the national title
  • 1974 — The Trojans football team secures their eighth national championship in program history
  • 1972 — USC wins the first of their three national titles in the 1970s
  • 1968 — Senior running back OJ Simpson wins the Heisman Trophy
  • 1967 — The Trojans add their sixth national title
  • 1965 — Running back Mike Garrett wins the first Heisman Trophy in school history
  • 1962 — USC returns to the top of the rankings to earn a national title
  • 1959 — The Trojans join the PAC-12 Conference
  • 1939 — Another national title heads to Los Angeles to be placed in the USC trophy case
  • 1932 — USC repeats as the national championship program
  • 1931 — Trojans win the national championship
  • 1928 — USC wins first claimed the national title
  • 1912 — USC changes the team name to the Trojans
  • 1893 — USC joins Intercollegiate Football Association of Southern California
  • 1888 — First football team fielded at USC for a 16-0 victory over the Alliance Athletic Club with the team being known as the Fighting Methodists

USC Trojans FAQ

In 2021, the average cost of a ticket to watch a home game for the University of Southern California football team was $69, with tickets being found as low as $35 for some games.

The USC Trojans football program claims 11 national championship titles: 1928, 1931, 1932, 1939, 1962, 1967, 1972, 1974, 1978, 2003 and 2004. The team, however, has been awarded 17 national championship titles over its history, but only claims those 11.

The coach who has collected the most wins is John McKay, who from 1960 to 1975 earned a record of 127-40, which is a .749 winning percentage. Not far behind him is Howard Jones, who went 121-36 (.750) from 1925-1940. Pete Carroll, however, has the highest win percentage at .836 with a record of 97-19, which was during the 2001-2009 seasons.

Since the team was established in 1888, USC has made an appearance in 55 bowl games, including 34 Rose Bowls (of which they won 25). They hold the record for the most Rose Bowl appearances and most Rose Bowl victories.

Most people will recognize Tommy Trojan as the team’s mascot, but the official mascot is Traveler, a horse. Following every USC touchdown in the Coliseum, Tommy Trojan rides Traveler around the field to celebrate.

Perfect Days for the USC Trojans and their fans happen when the USC football team wins their game and both rivals Notre Dame and UCLA lose. That has happened 35 times in school history.

John Wayne did indeed play for USC as an offensive tackle. His name, before changing it for movie star purposes, was Marion Mitchell Morrison. He left school to pursue his Hollywood career.

The USC Trojans football team has had 81 first-team consensus All-Americans, including unanimous selections.

The University of Southern California has the most players ever drafted from a single college, and that is an impressive 510 (as of the 2022 NFL Draft).

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