MLB Player Props

MLB player props are among the most fun bets you can make, given the vast range of options. Selections range from home run and strikeout totals (for a game or season) to head-to-head matchups and stolen bases.

If you play fantasy baseball, you’re likely already in tune with critical statistics and how players perform game-to-game. DFS players may find the strategy very similar. If you want to take the leap and begin betting on MLB player prop odds, here’s how.

Right now, Fliff is the only way to legally place MLB prop bets in California. Fliff has bettors use fake digital currency they can later redeem for cash prizes. That’s how it’s legal.

Best MLB player props today

See below for live player props from California online sportsbooks (once they become legal). Search for any player, find their odds and go to your sportsbook of choice to claim a new-player bonus or introductory bonus sports bet.

Where to bet MLB player props online

Here is a look at some of the best baseball betting apps you should consider once online sports betting is legal in California and some unique features they offer for betting on MLB players.

DraftKings MLB player props

DraftKings Sportsbook stands out through its extensive selection of MLB player props. Compared with rival books such as FanDuel and BetMGM, DraftKings offers among the widest selection of player props you will find anywhere. Top features include:

  • A vast array of statistical categories to bet on
  • MLB prop odds on more obscure players
  • Live betting player prop odds that change throughout the game

FanDuel MLB player props

While the selection of player props at FanDuel Sportsbook may not be quite as extensive, they still rank among the best in the industry, with hundreds of unique MLB player props on a nightly basis. FanDuel differentiates itself by incorporating player props into its electric same-game parlays (SGPs). Top features include:

  • An eclectic range of props for MLB players
  • Same game parlays that combine player props with game outcomes
  • Live betting on baseball props

BetMGM MLB player props

BetMGM Sportsbook does not have the same level of player prop options as FanDuel and DraftKings focusing more on a diverse range of game props. You can still bet on individual players, but the options are a bit more specific. Top features include:

Caesars MLB player props

Caesars Sportsbook stands out through its clean, easy-to-use interface and generous sign-up bonuses for new users. Similar to BetMGM, Caesars offers a narrower selection of player props. Features include:

Most popular MLB player props

When sizing up some potential MLB bets, there is no shortage of compelling player props to consider on a nightly basis.

Whether you’re looking for Giants props, Dodgers props or Angels props, there are plenty of electrifying MLB player odds to consider both live and throughout the season.

The strategy will be familiar to those who have ever played daily fantasy. Bet on pitchers for the Dodgers, Giants, Angels, Padres, and Athletics. On the offensive side, ride a hot bat like Mike YastrzemskiShohei Ohtani or Mookie Betts, or find a favorable matchup from some lesser-name players that you can exploit.

Some popular MLB player prop bets to consider include:

  • Over/under strikeouts (pitching)
  • Over/under hits, runs, RBIs (hitting)
  • The first player to score a run
  • Player X to score a run (y/n)
  • Player X to hit a home run (y/n)

If you like mixing in a few less predictable fun props, try betting on the MLB Home Run Derby during the All-Star Break.

Most popular season-long MLB player props

While betting player props on a game-to-game basis can bring added excitement to MLB action, you can also avoid the ebbs and flows that come with a 162-game season by backing players you think will stand out over the entire season.

Season-long MLB player props are tied to individual awards or statistical milestones. Some popular MLB award props you can bet on include:

  • MVP (AL and NL)
  • Cy Young (AL and NL)
  • Rookie of the Year (AL and NL)
  • Gold Glove winners (AL and NL)
  • Manager of the Year (AL and NL)

Some popular season-long statistical milestone props include:

  • Most home runs (pick a player)
  • Most RBIs
  • Batting Champion (highest average)
  • Most Wins (pitcher)
  • Most Strikeouts (pitcher)

MLB player props to avoid (in general)

Consider individual matchups before locking in any baseball player props. Many bettors avoid offensive players going against top-flight pitchers unless a hitter has outstanding career numbers against the pitcher.

While playing hunches is part of the fun, unless there is a really advantageous matchup, you are probably better off avoiding over/unders that combine counting stats like runs and RBIs. (i.e., Max Muncy hits+runs+RBIs over 2.5). This is because these stats are tied to other players’ performance (i.e., for a player to score a run without an HR, they need someone else to drive them in).

If you are intrigued by these types of bets, you may want to consider over/unders on game props, where you can benefit from high-level performances from multiple players on the team.

When examining futures bets, you are better off avoiding bets on injury-prone stars. A stint on the IL could seriously hinder a player’s chance of winning an award or claiming the top spot for a statistical milestone.

MLB prop odds on stolen bases are also wise to avoid, given the rapid decline in this category throughout Major League Baseball over the past several seasons. But, larger bases and rules restricting the number of throws to first base, could result in more steals in the future.

Off-field player props

MLB player prop betting odds are not exclusive to on-field action. Many sportsbooks will offer bets to keep things interesting during the offseason.

Some popular off-field MLB props odds include:

  • Free agency: What team will a player wind up on?
  • New hiring: Who will be the next manager of a team? Or the next manager to be fired?
  • MLB draft: Who will be the first pick, when will a player be taken, etc.?

It is worth noting that the odds for these types of bets can swing drastically (or get taken down) if any news leaks. If you are interested in placing bets on off-season events, you will want to lock them in ASAP. They are liable to come off the boards at any moment.

World Series player props

Just as the Super Bowl is the mecca of player props in NFL betting, the World Series creates an excellent opportunity for MLB prop odds.

You can find odds on players for each game of the World Series, such as over/unders on hits, runs, strikeouts and RBIs. You can also place bets on World Series futures (i.e., awards and cumulative stats throughout the entire series).

Popular bets might include:

  • World Series Most Valuable Player
  • Most home runs (pick a player)
  • Most strikeouts (pitcher)
  • Over/unders on hits, runs, total bases, RBI, total bases for a given player

Sportsbook rules for MLB player props

Rules and stipulations concerning MLB player prop bets vary depending on the sportsbook. Familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions before locking in your bets. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Injuries do not void bets

This is especially crucial for season-long futures. You don’t get a refund if you bet Mike Trout to win MVP and he winds up missing three months of the season. Research a player’s history to see how durable he’s been in previous seasons.

Extra innings count

For most MLB player prop bets, extra innings count the same as the first nine. This could help if you bet a player’s over or hurt if you bet the under.

Stat changes are common

Official scoring changes often happen in baseball and can factor into your prop bet. For instance, if an error is changed to a hit after the game, the outcome of your bet could change. Most legal online sportsbooks are good about refunding bets for scoring changes and making alterations to account for this, but it is always good to read the fine print.

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