San Diego Padres Odds

When California legalizes sports betting, San Diego Padres odds will be fair game at online sportsbooks.

Betting on the Padres is an exciting prospect, as they’re led by two of the brightest stars in the game in Manny Machado and Fernando Tatís Jr.

Below, see how to bet on the San Diego Padres online once legal sportsbooks are live, including today’s Padres game lines and World Series odds plus the latest player prop odds.

For now, sports betting in California is not legal, but one social sportsbook provides California baseball fans a betting option:

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Today’s Padres odds

Padres World Series, NL odds

Tatis Jr. prop, MVP odds

Machado prop, MVP odds

Best Padres betting apps

Most mobile betting apps that carry baseball should have options for the Padres. These sites are trusted options and frequently offer sign-up bonuses for new bettors. The places you should expect to find the best options once sports betting is legalized in the state are FanDuel CA, DraftKings CA and BetMGM CA.


  • Up-to-date futures board (including team win totals)
  • Great same-game parlay choices
  • Daily parlays with boosted odds
  • Individual player prop bets, such as over-unders on home runs


  • Integrated game streaming with an account
  • The most prop bets for players and games
  • Unique bets, such as the team with the longest winning streak during the season
  • MLB Preseason betting options


  • Daily odds boosts on MLB games
  • A Hit the Cycle challenge offering bonus bets and bonus tokens
  • Easy to make one-game parlays
  • Division straight bets (team to finish first and second) provide bigger payouts than traditional division bets

Quick glossary of Padres bets

The common baseball bets available for Padres games are on the moneyline, run total and run line.

  • Padres Moneyline: A straight-up bet on who will be the winner, regardless of the final score.
  • Padres over/under: A bet on how many runs you think the teams will combine to score. The sportsbook sets a number, and you choose over or under that amount.
  • Padres run line: A run line bet is a spread bet. The favorite must win by more than the set run line to cover, while the underdog must lose by less than the set amount. If the underdog wins, it also counts as beating the spread.

Padres team & player props

Outside of those three, there will be several team- and MLB player-based prop odds on the Padres. Some of the standard prop options include:

  • Home run hitter: Placing a bet on whether a particular batter will hit a homer at any point in the game. Even betting on the Home Run Derby winner at the All-Star Game.
  • Individual pitcher total strikeouts: Bet on the number of strikeouts that a particular pitcher, typically the starter, will record. It’s set as an over/under.
  • Awards futures: A bet on a Padre to win MVP, Cy Young, Rookie of the Year or any other awards.
  • Win total: Bet over or under the season win total of the Padres.

Padres alternate lines, parlays & teasers

Sportsbooks also offer betting options apart from the main betting lines. Let’s take a look.

  • Alternate LineThis bet is an alternate run line. If the Padres are -1.5 against the Colorado Rockies, but you feel that they’ll beat the Rockies by four runs, you can bet on them at an alternate line of -3.5. This will make the odds more profitable.
  • Parlays: A parlay is a combination bet on multiple things to happen. Each leg of a parlay must be correct for the larger parlay to be successful.
  • Teasers: This is a parlay variation using alternate lines on each leg. The increased success rate comes with a lower payout.
  • Pleasers: This is the opposite of a teaser. The alternate lines in the parlay are riskier, but the payouts are higher.

Bet on the Padres live during a game

Even after a game has started, you can still wager on what will happen. Live betting allows sportsbooks to offer updated Padres betting lines and odds based on how the game unfolds.

Let’s say the Padres open as underdogs against the Los Angeles Dodgers at +135. They then fall behind by three runs early, and their odds shift to +500. If you feel San Diego will rally, you can place a moneyline bet on the Padres at those odds and will earn even more money if they come back to win.

Granted, the moneyline isn’t the only live betting option. Padres run lines, totals and at-bats are live betting choices too.

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Where do the Padres play home games?

  • Name: Petco Park
  • Address: 100 Park Boulevard
  • Location: San Diego, CA
  • Capacity: 42,445
  • Opening Date: April 8, 2004
  • Other Events: Concerts, golf, rugby, soccer

Petco Park betting tips

The Padres’ home stadium has one of the shortest center fields in the MLB at 396 feet. It also isn’t very deep down the lines, with the right-field foul pole 322 feet away and the left-field fence 336 feet from the plate.

The Padres changed the dimensions of Petco Park in 2013 to make it more hitter-friendly. Right-center was drawn in from 402 feet to 391 feet, while left-center was reduced from 402 feet to 386 feet.

Still, Petco Park is a pitcher’s park, which means fewer runs are scored there than in the average ballpark. The park has been among the lowest in runs and extra-base hits most seasons since then.

Thus, pitchers have lower ERAs in San Diego, and hitters tend to hit fewer home runs than in other parks.

What is the Padres logo & mascot?

The San Diego Padres’ official mascot is the Swinging Friar. The Swinging Friar predates the team’s affiliation with the MLB, as it was used when they were still a minor league organization.

Franciscan friars from Spain founded Mission Basilica San Diego de Alcalá, after which the city is named. The Swinging Friar was on the emblem at one point and has survived changes to the team’s logo and colors. You may also encounter the San Diego Chicken at Padres games, but that’s not an official Padres mascot.

From 1969 to 2014, the Padres’ primary logo featured text that said either “San Diego,” “Padres” or both. In 2015, they switched to an interlocking “S” and “D” design.

They kept the interlocking SD logo in 2020 but changed their colors back to brown and gold.

Who owns the Padres?

Here’s the lineage. Conrad Arnholt Smith owned the Padres from their minor league beginnings until 1974. After failing to relocate the team to Washington, D.C., he sold the franchise to Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonald’s.

The Kroc family owned the team until 1990, when Tom Werner was part of a group that purchased the team for $75 million. John Moores then spent $80 million to become the majority owner in December 1994. He was the majority owner until 2009, when Jeff Moorad led a group to buy the team for $500 million.

In August 2012, Ron Fowler spearheaded a group that purchased the Padres for $800 million. The team’s secondary owner was Peter Seidler, whose family once owned the Dodgers.

After the 2020 season, Fowler sold his majority stake in the team to Seidler, making Seidler the new majority owner. One of the organization’s first significant moves under Seidler was Fernando Tatís Jr.’s massive contract extension.

Will the Padres’ stadium have a sportsbook?

There are no current plans for a sportsbook in Petco Park because sports betting isn’t legal yet. A sportsbook and mobile betting availability in Petco Park may change when sports betting comes to the state.

However, the team does have a partnership with Circa Resort & Casino. Located in Las Vegas, it’s the world’s largest sportsbook and a great place to catch games.

Where to watch or stream Padres games online free

There are many options for fans to watch Padres games during the season. You can use AT&T TV or MLB TV if you have them. Bally Sports broadcasts most Padres games on television and its app.

You can also listen to Padres games on 97.3 The Fan in the San Diego area.

Padres franchise leaders & retired numbers

The Padres may not be the oldest team in the league, but they’ve had their fair share of legends suit up. Here are some of the best of the best from Padres’ history:

Retired numbers

  • #6: Steve Garvey
  • #19: Tony Gwynn Sr.
  • #31: Dave Winfield
  • #35: Randy Jones
  • #51: Trevor Hoffman
  • #42: Jackie Robinson (retired by all MLB teams)

Franchise stat leaders

  • Batting Average: Tony Gwynn Sr., .338
  • Home Runs: Nate Colbert, 163
  • Hits: Tony Gwynn Sr., 3,141
  • Runs: Tony Gwynn Sr., 1,383
  • Wins: Eric Show, 100
  • ERA: Trevor Hoffman, 2.76
  • Saves: Trevor Hoffman, 552
  • Innings Pitched: Randy Jones: 1,766.0

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