LA Dodgers Odds

When sports betting comes to California, the Los Angeles Dodgers should be one of the hottest teams to bet on.

To help you prepare, we’re breaking down how to bet on Los Angeles Dodgers odds. We’ll look at some potential California online sportsbooks and discuss different bet types and ways to wager on the Dodgers. We’re also sharing some interesting Dodgers stats and history along the way.

Note that while California has yet to introduce real money online sports betting, those in California can wager at social sportsbooks like Fliff.

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Best Dodgers betting apps

Right now if you’re in California you can wager on sports using a social sportsbook like Fliff. Meanwhile, when traditional online sportsbooks come to CA, Dodgers odds should be available on all betting sites with MLB odds. Among those sites, you can expect to fine top options like DraftKings, FanDuel, and BetMGM in California. Here are some details regarding each:

DraftKings app

  • Odds and lines are constantly updated
  • Wide variety of game and player prop bets
  • Futures board where you can bet on the Dodgers to win the World Series or NL West
  • Unique bets, such as what team will have the longest winning streak during the season
  • The most betting options on MLB baseball, including Home Run Derby odds

FanDuel app

  • Easily accessible same-game parlay options for the Dodgers
  • Best and worst record bets
  • Bet on division winners, World Series winners and other futures
  • Current live betting odds
  • To make playoff odds

BetMGM app

  • Constantly changing live odds and options
  • Easily built parlays
  • A ton of pre-game options
  • Regular season stat leaders (home runs, stolen bases, etc.)
  • More futures options than on FanDuel

How to bet on the Dodgers in California

The most common baseball bets for the Dodgers and other MLB games are the moneyline, run line and total.

  • Moneyline: Picking a team’s moneyline means choosing them to win straight up, no matter the score.
  • Run line: A run line wager is a bet on the spread. You can bet on whether the favorite will win by a certain amount or if the underdog will lose by less than the given amount (or even win).
  • Total: This wager is on the number of combined runs you think will be scored by both teams. The sportsbook sets a number, and you predict whether the real total will go above or below the line.

Dodgers team and player props

More bets are available than just Dodgers moneylines, run lines and totals. You can bet on a variety of Dodgers props, both for the team and players, including:

  • Pitcher total strikeouts (individual): An over/under bet on how many batters a certain pitcher will strike out
  • Will a player hit a home run: Betting on whether or not a certain player will homer in the game
  • Awards futures: You can bet on a Dodgers player to win NL MVP or Cy Young
  • Win total: An over/under bet on how many wins the Dodgers will finish with

Dodgers alternate lines, parlays, and teasers

Bettors will also have options on lines outside of what the sportsbooks set.

Let’s say the Dodgers are -1.5 against the San Francisco Giants, but you’re confident they’ll win by much more. You could take them at -3.5 instead on an alternate line. And if they still cover, you’ll win with more profitable odds.

You can also create a parlay, a combination of two or more bets. For a parlay, each leg must win for the full bet to be successful.

Finally, teasers and pleasers are parlays that use alternate spreads. A teaser moves the line to where it’s more likely to succeed, but the payout is lower. Also, if parts of the teaser tie, you can still earn money. Meanwhile, a pleaser involves a riskier alternate line but offers a higher payout.

Live betting on Dodgers games

Gone are the days when everyone had to place their bets before the first pitch. After a game has started, bettors can still place wagers by live betting. Based on what happens in the game, the odds and lines shift to reflect the new likeliest outcome.

Let’s say the Dodgers are playing the Colorado Rockies and fall behind 3-0 in the first. They could’ve opened the game at -270 but shifted to +150. If you still like the Dodgers’ chances to win, you can bet on that +150 and potentially earn even more money than a pre-game bet.

Moneylines aren’t the only live markets. Run lines, totals and player at-bats are also live betting options, among others.

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Where is Dodgers Stadium?

  • Name: Dodger Stadium
  • Address: 1000 Vin Scully Avenue
  • Location: Los Angeles, California
  • Owner: Guggenheim Baseball Management
  • Capacity: 56,000
  • Opening Date: April 10, 1962
  • Other Events Hosted: Concerts, NHL Stadium Series

Betting tips for Dodger Stadium

Dodger Stadium has a reputation as a pitcher’s park but typically plays about neutral. The reputation probably stems from an extensive history of dominant pitchers in the franchise’s history.

The field is 330 feet down both lines, 385 in both gaps and 395 to dead center. Most of the fence is between the bullpens, and that’s eight feet high. The fence between the bullpens and their respective foul poles is only 55 inches.

The park itself is on the smaller side, especially to center field, so it tends to rank above average in homers most seasons. However, the runs are slightly below average because it’s among the worst parks for doubles and triples.

When betting on games at Dodger Stadium, you should know who’s in the lineup that day. Los Angeles has one of the best batting lineups in baseball, so you’ll need to check the opposing team’s stats to see if they have the power to keep pace.

What is the Dodgers logo & mascot?

Dodgers hats feature an interlocking “L” and “A” to signify Los Angeles and are associated with the city globally.

The logo with “Dodgers” written in cursive and the baseball flying behind it reflects years of changes after the team relocated from Brooklyn. They started with just the script in 1938, dropping the “B” that once stood for their former home. They then added a brown background, straightened the script, and added a ball over the “G” in the 1950s.

Then, they tilted the script once again, removed the background, and added a red line to give the ball the impression of movement. Except for a few minor tweaks, this logo has stuck since 1958.

Officially, the Dodgers do not have a mascot. They unofficially tested one in 2014, and it wasn’t very well received.

Who owns the Dodgers?

Charles Byrne and Ferdinand Abell founded the Dodgers in 1883. When Byrne passed, Charles Ebbets bought his shares to become co-owner before eventually becoming the majority owner (until he died in 1925).

Ebbets’ estate and others changed the team’s name to the Dodgers in 1932. Eventually, the estate was bought out by a group of men, including Walter O’Malley, for a few hundred thousand dollars in 1945.

By 1950, O’Malley became the majority owner; by 1975, he was the sole owner until his death in 1979. His son, Peter O’Malley, and Terry Seider inherited his shares until they sold the team to Fox Entertainment Group in 1998 for $311 million.

Fox was the majority owner until 2004, when Frank McCourt bought the team for $430 million. His tenure lasted until 2012, when Guggenheim Baseball Management purchased the team for a record $2 billion.

They maintain ownership now, led by Mark Walter and Magic Johnson, among others.

Will Dodger Stadium have a sportsbook?

Dodger Stadium does not have a sportsbook and has no plans at present to carry one. Of course, when California sports betting is legal, that may change, along with CA betting apps being available within the stadium.

Where to watch or stream Dodgers games online free

Most Dodgers games are broadcast on Fox Sports West. If you have Hulu Live, YouTube TV or AT&T Now, you should have access to Fox Sports West through them.

There is also the option to watch the Dodgers through, free for T-Mobile subscribers. You may be subject to blackouts if you’re in their local area but can get around that with a VPN.

You can also listen to the Dodgers on AM 570 if you’re in the area.

Dodgers franchise leaders & retired numbers

The Dodgers are one of the most storied franchises in the league, with plenty of legends adorning Dodgers blue during their career. From Brooklyn to Los Angeles, here are their retired numbers.

  • #1: Pee Wee Reese
  • #2: Tommy Lasorda
  • #4: Duke Snider
  • #19: Jim Gilliam
  • #20: Don Sutton
  • #24: Walter Alston
  • #32: Sandy Koufax
  • #39: Roy Campanella
  • #42: Jackie Robinson
  • #53: Don Drysdale

These represent some of the Dodgers’ all-time best. Plenty of greats are not represented, such as Clayton Kershaw, whose #22 will likely join them once he retires.

All-time franchise stat leaders

Considering the Dodgers’ historical success, especially with pitching, you’d expect a lot of big names in their record books. There are, and here’s a look at some franchise record holders.

  • Hits: Zack Wheat, 2,804
  • Home runs: Duke Snider, 389
  • RBIs: Duke Snider, 1,271
  • Runs: Pee Wee Reese, 1,338
  • Wins: Don Sutton, 233
  • ERA: Jeff Pfeffer, 2.31
  • Strikeouts: Don Sutton, 2,696
  • Saves: Kenley Jansen, 350
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