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The Los Angeles Angels no longer have Shohei Ohtani, but Mike Trout is still part of the mix as are a number of up-and-coming prospects. Real money sports betting is not yet legal in California, although there are other ways for those in CA to bet on sports using social and sweepstakes sites.

Here’s a full guide to betting on the Angels and other MLB action, including how to get started and information about the Angels team to help you be informed when you wager.

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Best Angels betting apps

Here is a look at some of the best sportsbook apps for Los Angeles Angels betting odds (once legal), and some appealing features they offer:



  • Extensive selection of player prop bets (including lesser-known players)
  • Live betting on an extensive range of game props
  • Free MLB game streaming within the DraftKings app with an active MLB.com account
  • Most Angels prop bets


  • Boosted odds and promotions on certain games
  • One Game Parlays on prop bets and outcomes
  • Bettor’s eye watch party for playoff games, discussing live odds during the game
  • Easy parlay tab that auto-selects lines for you

A quick glossary of Angels bets

There are many Angels bets you can place at online sportsbooks. However, a standard pre-game line will look something like this at BetMGM Sportsbook or on the DraftKings online sportsbook app:

Los Angeles Angels-1.5  (-120)-200Over 9.5
Texas Rangers+1.5  (+110)+175Under 9.5

Here are some standard bets and terms you should know:

What is the Angels’ run line?

The point spread in baseball differs from what you will see in other sports. Whereas the spread is usually a number that will adjust based on the discrepancy between teams, it is always 1.5 in baseball. This is the run line. However, the odds on the spread line (i.e., 120) will change to account for the difference in teams.

What is the Angels’ moneyline?

The moneyline is a bet on whoever will win the game outright (no spreads). To cash your bet, your team needs to win the game. In the example above, a $100 bet on the Angels moneyline at -200 would return $50 in total profits. A $100 bet on the underdog Texas at +175 would return $175 in earnings if they won the game.

Run total

The run total is the total number of runs scored by both teams throughout the game (including extra innings). In the example above, the line is set at 9.5 combined runs. You can bet the “over” or the “under.” The over hits if Texas and LA combine for 10 or more runs, and the under wins if they combine for nine or fewer.

Angels team & player props

Player and team props are great ways to bet on the Angels, especially if you’re unsure who will win the game.

Game props

Game props are bets on events you think will occur during a game that are not always tied to the overall outcome. Some popular game props found on top MLB betting sites include:

  • The first team to score
  • The first five innings line
  • Number of combined home runs (O/U)
  • Number of total combined strikeouts (O/U)
  • Combined runs, hits and errors (O/U)

Player props

Player props are similar in that they are not directly correlated to the game’s result. However, they are bets tied to individual player performances instead of general game events.

Some examples of MLB player props for Angels games include:

  • Taylor Ward to score a run anytime (y/n)
  • Mike Trout to hit a home run (y/n)
  • Luis Rengifo’s number of hits (o/u)
  • José Soriano hits allowed (o/u)
  • Patrick Sandoval number of strikeouts (o/u)

Angels alternate lines & parlays

Many sportsbooks offer alternative lines if you want to get even more creative with your Angels bets. Instead of betting on the fixed 1.5-run line, you can move the line in either direction.

For example, if the Angels (+1.5) are underdogs against Houston, you can bet them at +2.5, +3.5, etc. While you have a better chance of winning these bets, the odds decrease considerably the further you move the line. You can also move the line in the opposite direction (i.e., -1.5, -2.5).


Parlays are another popular option to consider. You can combine the result of the Angels game with another game or the run total/prop bet from the same game.

Examples of parlay bets:

  • Angels and Dodgers both to win (moneyline)
  • Angels moneyline and over 9.5 runs
  • Angels run line and Mike Trout to get a hit

Bet on the Angels live during a game

Live betting markets are changing the way people bet on sports. Given the relatively slower pace of play when compared to other sports, baseball presents some unique in-game betting potential.

Unlike pre-game lines, which are more rigid, live betting odds fluctuate throughout the game, accounting for what is happening on the field. The odds of a baseball game can swing drastically on a single pitch.

When placing live bets on the Los Angeles Angels, you can still make standard bets on the run line, money line and run totals, but you can also consider a wide range of game/player props. Some enticing live bets include:

  • Adjusted run lines
  • Next team to score a run
  • Team to win the next inning
  • Player X to get a hit next time up

Related Pages:

Where is the Angels’ home stadium?

  • Name: Angel Stadium
  • Address: 2000 Gene Autry Way
  • Location: Anaheim, CA
  • Owner: SRB Management Co.
  • Operator: Angels Baseball LP
  • Capacity: 45,517
  • Broke Ground: August 31, 1964
  • Opening Date: April 19, 1966
  • Construction cost: $24 Million

Betting tips for Angels Stadium

When sizing up Los Angeles Angels odds, there are several unique features of their home ballpark to consider.

Angels Stadium has traditionally played as a pitcher-friendly park with an enormous 390-foot left/center field gap and an 18-foot wall in right field that has since been lowered to eight feet to even the playing field for hitters.

While the park still favors pitchers, the walls down the right and left field lines are very short, which favors power numbers for pull hitters. There is little room in foul territory down the right and left field lines once you get past the infield.

It is 347 feet down the left field line, 350 feet down the right field line, and 396 feet to dead center field.

Angels seating chart

Angels Stadium consists of five different seating levels and an outfield pavilion section. Ticket prices can vary based on the night of the week (weekends are more expensive) and the opponent.

Here is a rough look at an estimated range of ticket prices you can expect to find within each section:

  • Field Level:  $30 – $260
  • Terrace Level: $20 – $95
  • Club Level: $20 – $100
  • Lower View Level: $20 – $40
  • Upper View Level: $9 – $22
  • Outfield Pavilion: $20 – $65

What is the Angels logo & mascot?

While the Angels do not have an official mascot, their unofficial mascot is the Rally Monkey.

The Rally Monkey came to fruition during a June 6, 2000, game against San Francisco. With the Angels trailed by one run heading into the ninth inning, video operators Jaysen Humes and Dean Fraulino ran a clip from Ace Ventura: Pet Detective on the jumbotron featuring a monkey jumping around the words “rally monkey” superimposed on the screen.

The Angels came from behind for the win, whipping the crowd into a frenzy. The Rally Monkey was here to stay. The team hired an actual monkey in later years to spur the crowd.

Who owns the Angels?

Arte Moreno owns the Los Angeles Angels after purchasing them from the Walt Disney Company in 2003 for $184 million. Today the club is worth approximately $2 billion.

Past ownership includes Gene Autry, who owned the club from its founding in 1960 until he died in 1998. After his wife, Jackie Autry, ran the club for a season, it was purchased in 1999 by Disney for approximately $150 million.

Will Angels Stadium have a sportsbook?

With online legal sports betting in California still pending, it’s impossible to know if the Angels will follow the lead of other MLB franchises and install a sportsbook in Angels Stadium.

With or without the presence of a physical sportsbook, fans will still be able to place bets from inside the stadium on their phones using online betting apps.

Where to watch or stream Angels games online

There are many ways to stream Angels games online, but free options are limited.

Platforms you can stream on include:

  • Fox Sports West
  • YouTube TV
  • Sling TV
  • MLB TV

Several of these options offer free trials, so you can watch games for free for a limited time or sign up for a subscription.

Angels franchise leaders/retired numbers

Franchise leaders

  • Hits: Garret Anderson (2,368)
  • Batting average: Vladimir Guerrero (.319)
  • Home runs: Mike Trout (310)
  • RBIs: Garret Anderson (1,292)
  • Steals: Chone Figgins (280)
  • Wins: Chuck Finley (165)
  • Strikeouts: Nolan Ryan (2,416)
  • Saves: Troy Percival (316)

Retired numbers

  • #11: Jim Fregosi
  • #29: Rod Carew
  • #30: Nolan Ryan
  • #50: Jimmie Reese
  • #26: Gene Autry

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