Forget 12 Days: Global Poker Is Offering Up 25 Days Of Christmas Cheer

Written By admin on December 22, 2017
global poker christmas

Poker players have an extra reason to celebrate this holiday season, and there’s no need to wait until Christmas Day. Global Poker is offering its online players one very special bonus each day until Dec. 25.

Global Poker’s 25 Days of Christmas campaign consists of 25 different bonuses, at a total value of over $30,000. There are many ways to cash in on this jackpot. Bonuses differ each day, offering high-yield bonus pools in special tournaments or bonus currency just for playing, among many others.

The gifts started pouring out of the stocking on Dec. 1, at which point the poker website offered its players a chance to double their investments within the site. For every $5 package purchased, the customer receives $10 in site currency. The site currency can be deposited directly into PayPal accounts upon cash out.

What is Global Poker exactly?

Global Poker is a unique online poker site in that it has a patented and legal method for playing online poker anywhere in the US and Canada. It operates through a sweepstakes system, where a customer purchases “gold coins” within a social platform and also receives “$weeps cash” as a reward for that purchase. You can play games on the site using both gold coins and sweepstake cash, and payout is simple. You can convert your $weeps cash into real cash through PayPal, after a secure validation process.

It pays to sign up

Signing up for Global Poker is quick and easy, and funding an account simply requires PayPal. Upon registering, players receive 10,000 gold coins and $2 $weeps cash as a bonus. This enables you to play a plethora of games right off the bat. The interface is smooth, and it’s pretty apparent how to play as well as how to maximize money within the site,. In short, poker players will feel comfortable right away.

Plenty of special bonus challenges await each player, in addition to the lucrative options offered within the 25 Days of Christmas promotion.

Real people playing real poker

Global Poker is also a bit of a social outlet. It affords players the chance to express themselves through a variety of avatars and with plenty of chat options in-game. Games offered include Hold ‘Em and Omaha, but there may be more depending on who’s online at any given time.

Sign up today to get the 10k bonus gold coins, the $2 $weeps cash, and take advantage of the latest offer: the Christmas Donkey avatar.

It’s more than just a tongue-in-cheek Santa Mule avatar. Players entering five special tournaments and losing all of them will be not only reimbursed for their losses; Global Poker will double your buy-in. A true donkey move pays off for once.

With plenty of creative and lucrative offers from, the days leading up to Christmas provide some very fun methods to try and put a few more presents under the tree this year.

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