DraftKings’ Tech For Heroes Program Thriving In San Francisco, Across The US

Written By Matt Burke on February 26, 2020 - Last Updated on June 13, 2022
DraftKings Tech For Heroes

Taking care of our military veterans in the US should be of the utmost importance.

Often times, however, vets find it difficult to find employment after serving their country.

DraftKings’ Tech For Heroes is a wildly successful program for veterans that helps bridge that gap between service and a new career.

DraftKings’ 2020 Tech for Heroes program has been operating in San Francisco since Feb. 3, and this Friday night DraftKings will be hosting class members and their families for an appreciation night. Each participant in the program will be presenting their newly acquired knowledge in front-end web development at the event.

The event will take place at the headquarters of VetsinTech, a national non-profit that has partnered with DraftKings in the Tech for Heroes program.


Free training for veterans

In addition to San Francisco, DraftKings has held training classes for veterans and military spouses in Austin, Boston, Columbus, Ohio, Las Vegas and Newark, New Jersey.

“Helping train the men and women who have served our country is an honor and an effort that DraftKings remains deeply committed to in communities we are a part of, including San Francisco,” said Paul Liberman, DraftKings’ co-founder and president of global technology and product.

Since launching the Tech for Heroes program in the summer of 2018, DraftKings has invested over $1 million in providing free training to over 200 veterans through classes hosted across the country. Throughout the year, DraftKings also holds charity fantasy sports contests with all proceeds going to support veterans and the Tech for Heroes program. In 2019, the DraftKings player community raised nearly $100,000 through four charity contests, which helped to expand the reach of the program and train additional veterans.

“The partnership that DraftKings provides, and the training delivered by the Tech for Heroes program, is supporting the lives of so many veterans in San Francisco and across the country,” VetsinTech CEO Katherine Webster said. “I’m proud of the work we have done together and am excited to see such a great response in the Bay Area.”


Tech for Heroes a wild success

Tech for Heroes was launched by DraftKings in its home city of Boston in 2018 and has quickly expanded across the US.

It has become a highly popular program among veterans.

“I have learned more about the vast world of tech in the past month than I have in my previous 35 years on Earth,” said San Francisco class graduate and US Navy veteran Robert Wining. “This has been so incredibly beneficial to me. I wish this class was available when I got out of the service. Not only is this the best resource that has ever been available to me as a veteran, it’s a phenomenal way for employers to tap into veterans that are career and education oriented. This class is filled with people that never ever want to stop learning.”

For more information on Tech for Heroes go to DraftKings.com/Tech-for-Heroes or contact [email protected].

Materials from a press release were used in this report.

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