A Visitors Guide To Attending San Francisco 49ers Games At Levi’s Stadium

Written By Rashid Mohamed on August 10, 2023 - Last Updated on August 23, 2023
A comprehensive fan guide covering all you need to know about attending a 49ers game at Levi's Stadium this season, from playca.com

As the NFL season draws nearer, the time is almost here to air out your favorite San Francisco 49ers jersey and don the red, white and gold.

After two road games to start the season on Sept. 10 and 17, the 49ers will play their season’s first home game at Levi’s Stadium on Thursday, Sept. 21. against the New York Giants.

While fans can’t legally bet on sports in California, they have plenty to look forward to this season.

To get you ready for the action, PlayCA has put together a comprehensive guide covering everything you need to know about visiting Levi’s Stadium on game day. 

Arriving at Levi’s Stadium

Levi’s Stadium is located at 4900 Marie P Debartolo Way, Santa Clara, California 95054.

The location of the stadium in Santa Clara is a little out of the way for a lot of 49er fans who live in the San Francisco Bay Area. However, that hasn’t dampened their passion for the team, and thankfully, there are a number of travel options to get to Levi’s Stadium:

Driving from San Francisco

The driving distance from downtown San Francisco to Levi’s Stadium is around 50.8 miles when going south along SR 82, generally called El Camino Real. This is the quickest route to the stadium by car from San Francisco, and anyone traveling this route should anticipate the journey taking about one hour

To avoid heavy traffic and delays, we recommend drivers check traffic alerts on their phones as well as on the City of Santa Clara’s virtual website.

By train and bus from San Francisco

Residents of the Bay Area are blessed with a range of public transportation options that get them to Levi’s Stadium safely and affordably. 

One of the best ways to get from the Golden City to Levi’s Stadium without a car is via BART (Bay Area Rapid Transport), which takes about an hour and 45 minutes. Traveling to the stadium through BART generally costs between $7-$12

Fans can also take the Caltrain or Capitol Corridor trains from San Francisco and the East Bay. Or, they can use the more local Valley Transportation Authority light rail or bus system to get to Levi’s Stadium.  

Alternatively, fans have the option of the M Ride Shuttle Bus, which offers roundtrip transportation to all 49ers home games. 

Finally, fans can use a rideshare platform such as Lyft or Uber to get to the game. The red lots at the stadium are assigned pick-up and drop-off areas for ridesharing. 

Parking at Levi’s Stadium

One thing drivers will not have to worry about upon arrival at Levi’s Stadium is on-site parking. There are 31,500 parking spots immediately surrounding Levi’s Stadium, meaning more than likely, there will be some spots available upon your arrival. 

But just in case, it’s best to arrive early. Lots open 3.5 hours before kick-off, and the pre-purchased parking fee is $50. It’s wise to purchase your ticket in advance, as a ticket bought upon arrival increases the fee to $60

Buses or RVs that would like to purchase parking in advance must call (408) 579-4449 before game day.

ADA parking at Levi’s Stadium

Levi’s Stadium accommodates 400 ADA parking spaces in green lot 1, green lot 4 and blue lot 1.

In addition, fans have the option to use the accessible pick-up and drop-off areas on Stars and Stripes Drive and Centennial Boulevard

Tailgating at Levi’s Stadium

While tailgating at Levi’s Stadium is permitted, it is restricted to specific parking lots. To find the best spot for you, refer to the Levi’s Stadium event parking lot map for details. Parking lots are designated by pass, color and lot number, and tailgating sections are typically marked with an uppercase “T.” 

Folks are reminded that tailgating ceases after kick-off, and glass containers are not permitted in any parking lot. 

For more parking and tailgating information, call (408) 579-4449.

Selecting your seats

As the biggest stadium in the Bay Area, Levi’s Stadium has a capacity of 68,500, including 165 luxury suites and 9,000 club seats

Levi’s Stadium has three seating levels including the lower level, club level and upper level. The east side of the stadium houses a tower of suits instead of seats on the upper level. This gives Levi’s Stadium a bit of a unique look that is different from the majority of NFL stadiums.

The lower level seats run from sections 101146. The 49ers’ bench is located in front of sections C137, C138 and C139, and the 49ers’ tunnel is located adjacent to sections 145 and 146.  

Field level seats are a premium seating area found in the north and south end zones of the field. More and more NFL teams are offering these types of seating options to football fans, and the ones at Levi’s Stadium come with the following perks:

  • 24 plush reclining seats in the south end zone, and 40 in the north end zone
  • All-inclusive food and soft drinks with in-seat delivery service
  • Access to Michael Mina’s Tailgate or the Identogo Green Room before the game
  • One complimentary parking pass for guests

All in all, Levi’s Stadium boasts 9,000 club seats and 11 premium club areas. The club level sections are sections 201-246. They include:

  • Private restrooms
  • Less wait at restrooms and concessions
  • Best sight lines at Levi’s Stadium
  • Access to the BNY Mellon Club
  • Cushioned seating with more legroom
  • Semi-private entrance into Levi’s Stadium 

BNY Mellon Club

Situated at the 50-yard line right behind the 49ers’ sideline at the field level, the BNY Mellon Club features VIP lounge seating at Levi’s Stadium. The club’s seats are in sections 115 and 138.

Seats in these sections come with wonderful perks:

  • Cushioned seating with more legroom
  • Complimentary reserved VIP parking pass
  • All-inclusive food and soft drinks
  • Access to private lounges
  • Best views of the field in the entire stadium
  • Semi-private entrance into Levi’s Stadium
  • Private restrooms 
  • Less wait at restrooms and concessions

Club 100

These intimate chambers are perfect for small groups of fans that prefer the suite experience without committing to multiple seasons or shelling out a lot of money for a larger lounge. 

Visitors who would like to buy a Club 100 suite must purchase a minimum of four of the 16 available seats for at least one full season. 

Citrix Owners Seats

Fans willing to pay a little extra for these private seats will not be disappointed. The climate-controlled Citrix Owners Club offers plush leather seats with extra legroom, along with food and soft drinks included in the package. 

ADA accessible seating

Levi’s Stadium strives to provide accessible seating to all fans. Guests with disabilities are offered a variety of services, including a courtesy shuttle service from several of the stadium’s parking lots, as well as wheelchair assistance. 

Along with accessible seating, Levi’s Stadium also provides companion seating in many locations. To find out more about accessible seating and parking, please contact the Levi’s Stadium Visa Box Office at (415) 464-9377 ext. 4.

Visitors who may require wheelchair assistance to any of the pick-up and drop-off locations need simply call the Levi’s Stadium Mobility Assistance Team at (408) 579-4610. Or, you can send an email to [email protected]

A valid parking pass, as well as a state-issued license plate, will be required for visitors to leave their vehicles in the ADA accessible parking lots.

Best food at Levi’s Stadium

Visitors are allowed to bring outside food into Levi’s Stadium on game day, so long as it’s in a clear plastic bag. 

However, Levi’s Stadium prides itself on having some of the best eatery options for fans to enjoy. Everyone’s palates will be satisfied with the wide variety of food and drink options at Levi’s Stadium.

Popular options include:

  • Peet’s Coffee: Serves up hot coffee, hot chocolate and more in section 103.
  • Loaded Big Kid Dog: Hotdogs, mac and cheese, and hot Cheetos are found at this tasty spot in section 304.
  • Tostitos Nachos: Special nachos with a range of cheese in sections 302 and 305. 
  • Chicken Guy and Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs: Classic chicken sandwiches and hotdogs can be savored here in section 309.
  • Slice House Pizza: Piping hot cheese and pepperoni pizza awaits in section 315.
  • Bulgogi Cheesesteak: The classic Philly cheesesteak sandwich and more in section 106.
  • Crab Sammies: Delicious crab meat sandwiches on a butter roll in section 124.
  • Curry Roots: Chicken tikka masala and berry ginger lemonade in section 128.
  • Super Duper: Vegan burger and garlic fries out in section 118.

In addition to all of these options, classic stadium food such as nachos, hot dogs, peanuts, pretzels, water, beer, ice cream and candy can be found throughout the stadium at various concession stands.

Levi’s Stadium bag policy

Levi’s Stadium has a strict bag policy. Bags that do not adhere to the policy will have to be returned to the visitor’s vehicle, as bag check services are not available at the stadium.

The only kind of bags guests are allowed to bring are clear bags that are no larger than 12” x 6” x 12” including:

  • Clear backpacks, fanny packs, bags and purses
  • One-gallon clear plastic zip lock type bags
  • Small clutch bag no larger than 4.5” x 6.5”
  • Seat cushion

Other items permitted in Levi’s Stadium include:

  • Blankets
  • Diaper bag for a child
  • Strollers
  • Sunscreen
  • Umbrellas but with no obstruction of other fan’s view

Items prohibited in Levi’s Stadium include:

  • Cameras with lenses larger than 3 inches
  • Glow sticks, light-up costumes, light-up signs and battery packs
  • Hoods, masks or objects to cover a person’s face (except for medical and religious reasons)
  • Plastic bottles larger than 24 ounces
  • Signs, banners or poles

What does it cost to see a game at Levi’s Stadium?

Here is a look at the average cost of attending a regular season 49ers game at Levi’s Stadium:

  • Ticket: $255.00
  • Parking: $50.00
  • Food: $5.50 (one hot dog)
  • Beer: $11.50 (one 16-ounce)
  • Soda: $5.25 (one 21-ounce)

According to Ticketmaster, tickets to the first home game of the season on Sept. 21 against the New York Giants are currently averaging $110.00. Keep in mind that ticket prices are subject to change.

Traditions at a 49ers game

Niners fans are known as “The Faithful,” and they consider themselves part of their team’s storied legacy. Like fans of other teams, 49ers fans love to bicker about trivial matters, but there are a few commonalities and traditions that bind them together like a family. 

One great tradition is The Foghorn, which blares from the stadium speakers at the beginning of each home game and after big plays. 

The 49ers started using the foghorn at Candlestick Park in 2012 to celebrate scoring plays. The Foghorn came with the team in the move to Levi’s Stadium in 2014. In addition to blaring after big plays, The Foghorn belts out three bursts of sound to notify fans 90 minutes, 60 minutes and 30 minutes before kick-off on game days.

Non-football watching activities at Levi’s Stadium

Most people visiting Levi’s Stadium are coming to watch a game. However, there are plenty of other activities guests can immerse themselves in while at the stadium. 

Museum at Levi’s Stadium

The 49ers Museum, presented by Foxconn Industrial Internet, is open to all visitors on game days. Just remember game day tickets do not include the price of admission to the museum. 

Additional venues to liven up your experience at Levi’s Stadium include the numerous bars and lounges where you can kick back away from the action on the field. 

Furthermore, there are a series of stores scattered across the stadium that provide guests with a chance to purchase Niners memorabilia either for themselves or as gifts for loved ones. 

Fan etiquette at Levi’s Stadium

Nothing pleases the San Francisco 49ers more (except winning Super Bowls) than seeing their stadium packed with cheering fans. 

In that spirit, visitors at Levi’s Stadium are asked to drink responsibly and abide by positive fan behavior. All fans should refrain from fighting, taunting and making obscene gestures.

Providing an enjoyable game day experience for all those who attend Levi’s Stadium is important to the franchise.

Choosing your uniform number

The 49ers have a respectable roster of players this season. Fans eager to rep a jersey have plenty of good ones to choose from.

Here are some of the most popular numbers associated with the 49ers franchise:

  • #8 – Steve Young
  • #13 – Brock Purdy
  • #16 – Joe Montana
  • #19 – Deebo Samuel
  • #23 – Christian McCaffrey
  • #54 – Fred Warner
  • #80 – Jerry Rice
  • #85 – George Kittle
  • #97 – Nick Bosa

The 49ers have a Flagship Team Store at Levi’s Stadium that features more than 13,000 square feet of merchandise for fans and guests alike. There are several other pro shops throughout the stadium as well.

2023 San Francisco 49ers home football schedule

  • Week 3, Sept. 21: New York Giants
  • Week 4, Oct. 1: Arizona Cardinals
  • Week 5, Oct. 8: Dallas Cowboys
  • Week 8, Oct. 29: Cincinnati Bengals
  • Week 11, Nov. 19: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • Week 14, Dec. 10: Seattle Seahawks
  • Week 16, Dec. 25: Baltimore Ravens
  • Week 18, Jan. 7: Los Angeles Rams
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