California Digital Security Company Incognia Enters Online Gambling Space

Written By Connor Grootenhuis on April 28, 2023 - Last Updated on May 2, 2023
Digital security company Incognia has entered the iGaming space, from

Incognia, a location identity company based in Palo Alto, has announced its entrance into the US gaming market.

Earlier this week, the company announced the launch of its integrated geolocation compliance and account security solution. It is designed for digital operators in iGaming, sports wagering, daily fantasy sports & real money skilled based gaming.

The service protects player accounts and helps uncover fraud and abuse in real-time.

The service may come in handy in California, because although sports betting in California is not legal, other forms of legal gambling are, such as betting on horse races.

What is Incognia?

Incognia is a digital identity company that has created a tamper-proof Location Identity to silently and effectively verify the identity of users on different digital platforms. Essentially, it authenticates customers throughout the course of their digital journey.

According to the Incognia website, the platform combines GPS, Wifi, Bluetooth and Network signals to pinpoint devices with apartment-level accuracy, unlocking the benefits of location for mobile authentication.

Precise location data can detect trusted users without friction and suspicious behavior to prevent new account fraud and account takeover.

Incognia’s secure authentication solutions are used in a variety of different industries across the mobile economy such as food delivery, financial services, social media, and now, iGaming.

Incognia was founded in 2020 and is currently helping secure over 200 million devices across the globe. While it is headquartered in California, it has teams and locations across both the United States and Brazil.

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Incognia in the iGaming space

In the iGaming space, Incognia focuses on geolocation compliance, fraud prevention & account security.

Incognia’s GLI-certified, spoof-resistant technology enables geolocation compliance and proactively prevents fraud and collusion for a seamless iGaming experience. This technology is a must-have for any iGaming platform.

The company flags more than 300,000 suspicious transactions per month.

With location tampering detection features and pinpoint accuracy, the technology ensures that gaming operators can abide by state-specific geofencing requirements, prevent wagering outside of state lines, and capture every legitimate transaction.
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