Global Poker Announces 2018 Grizzly Games

Written By admin on January 12, 2018

Last fall, Global Poker held the Global Poker Championships Eagle Cup that featured $1.25 million in guarantees. They’re upping the ante this winter with the Global Poker Champions Grizzly Games, where you’ll find 200 events and more than $1.5 million in cash prizes.

The nice thing about these events is that there is a little something for everyone, from budget players on up, NLHE to FLHE to PLO. Scattered in and amongst the various events are Freerolls, making it even easier for you to rake in some sweeps cash. In fact the very first event, being held this Sunday January 14 at 3pm EST is a $5,000 Freeroll. And not only is it free, there are no requirements for entering. You don’t need to have participated on the site or played one hand. You just go to and set up an account and get ready to play.

The bonus to this $5k Freeroll is that there is not only prize money, but the winner gets a championship trophy, just like in every other event. That’s right folks, winners of this and every event get a guaranteed Sweeps cash, championship trophy, and other cool swag—all delivered right to their home. That’s some service right there…

Event entries range from the aforementioned $0 for Freerolls to Sweeps Cash (SC) $218, with everything in between from SC $3.30, SC $5.50, SC $11, SC $22, SC $33, SC $55, SC $110. Guarantee cash prizes range from SC $1,500 to SC $50,000.

NOTE: There are also several events each day for those wishing to use Gold Coins, the currency of the realm on Global Poker. GC buy-ins range from 5,500 to 55,000 with GC Guarantees up to 5,000,000.

Global Poker is also offering a Leaderboard with a cash prize during the course of the Grizzly Games. The more you play and the better you finish provides points for the leaderboard. There will be an overall series leaderboard, with cumulative points awarded based on the number of events entered and the place you finish. Additionally, there will be weekly leaderboards with awards for those who do well within the confines of 7 days. The weekly leaderboard will reset at the end of each week, giving more players the chance to race to the top.

The Global Poker Champions Grizzly Games tournament will run from January 14th until February 11th, kicking of with a $5,000 Freeroll and capping with 3 Main Events (SC $10k, SC $15k, SC $50k Guarantees).

So get ready to take home your portion of the $1,500,000 in Sweeps Cash at Global Poker.

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