Artificial Intelligence Takes Center Stage At Tribal Gaming Conference

Written By Cheryl Coward on April 16, 2024
Hand reaching out to an AI hand signifies the growing place of AI discussed at the Indian Gaming Association Tradeshow

Artificial intelligence received lots of attention at this year’s Indian Gaming Tradeshow and Convention in Anaheim.

The first four sessions of the nation’s foremost tribal gaming convention focused on AI. Industry executives, lawyers, cybersecurity experts and gaming technology suppliers were among the featured speakers in the sessions.

Brendan Bussman of B Global moderated several sessions at the convention.

“Tribal leadership continues to look at new technology and new opportunities along the way and how to continue to evolve the industry as part of that.”

Convention began with overview of AI and how tribes can use it

California is home to more than 60 casinos. Native American tribes operate all of them. California online casinos remain illegal, and there’s no real effort to change that in the near future.

The gaming convention kicked off on April 8, with Everi executive Missy Stanisz providing convention-goers with an overview of AI and its applications to tribal gaming. Everi produces slot machines and digital games and provides financial technology to casinos.

Stanisz’s talk focused on real-world applications of AI in gaming, including “transformative potential in enhancing gaming experiences, operational efficiencies, and customer engagement strategies.”

Panels showed how AI can be used throughout a casino

Later sessions focused on more specific topics on AI and the gaming industry.

  • Legal and Regulatory Considerations for AI in Gaming
  • Data Security and Privacy in AI-Enabled Casinos
  • AI in Casino Operations and Management
  • Game Changers: Exploring AI and the Technologies Redefining Gaming
  • Navigating AI: Exploring its Impact on Casino & Gaming Marketing
  • Revolutionizing the Customer Journey: Leveraging AI and ML for Enhanced Guest Experiences and Operational Efficiency
  • Empowering Tribal Economies: Navigating the Future with AI and Automation in Gaming

Panels included participants from the gaming industry’s legal, cybersecurity and technology sectors. A running theme throughout the panels was how AI is helping to redefine gaming operations, from marketing to cybersecurity.

For example, AI could help casinos enhance ROI (return on investment) and cultivate brand loyalty “for a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving gaming industry.”

Other discussion topics centering on AI in casino operations included:

  • Enhancing player experiences with personalized game recommendations.
  • Bolstering security through advanced fraud detection.
  • Optimizing pricing strategies.
  • Improving customer service with chatbots.
  • Refining marketing efforts for targeted campaigns.

One session explored AI’s legal and regulatory aspects

One session of the convention focused on legal and regulatory issues of integrating AI into casino operations. FanDuel VP of Strategic Partnerships Edward Simermeyer led a session that included aligning current gaming regulations with AI technologies, future legal frameworks, and preparing for potential legal shifts.

Some casinos already use AI tools. Las Vegas-based Station Casinos began using analytics-provided AI technology last October to help improve player recommendations, enhance promotional campaigns and improve customer interactions at kiosks and in mobile apps.

Exhibitions at the tradeshow also featured AI. Industry stalwarts such as Light & Wonder showcased its latest AI-enhanced games.

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