CA Gaming Regulators To Focus More On Stakeholder Relationship Building

Written By C.J. Pierre on January 30, 2024 - Last Updated on January 31, 2024
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The California Gambling Control Commission seeks to build stronger relationships with its stakeholders. The organization’s 2024-2027 strategic plan laid out the details.

The focus of the CGCC is to act as the regulatory body over the state’s gambling industry, including tribal casinos and cardrooms in California. The commission is responsible for setting policy, establishing regulations, making determinations of suitability for gaming employees and handling gaming revenue.

CGCC Executive Director Stacey Luna Baxter says modernization is the key theme of the 2024-2027 strategic plan, spanning systems, processes, perspectives, and, when necessary, laws and regulations.

CGCC wants constructive and respectful stakeholder engagement

The CGCC is focusing on creating stronger working relationships with its stakeholders. The organization’s stakeholders include California tribes, state agencies, local government and law enforcement, gambling operators and the general public. Many stakeholders are at odds with each other regarding California sports betting.

In the 2024-27 strategic plan, the commission hopes to leverage stakeholder communications and feedback loops to inform regulatory adjustments, operational processes and user experience improvements. This goal looks to build collaboration into the gambling regulatory process.

The CGCC would also like to boost stakeholder involvement through committees and forums. This would give the public more opportunities to express their views and options about the state of California’s gambling industry.

The commission also seeks to develop and execute educational initiatives to enhance awareness of industry dynamics and regulatory procedures. The CGCC plans to give a transparent outlook of the state’s gambling operations. That will allow the public to be more informed about how the state’s gaming industry affects them.

2024-2027 plan very similar to 2020-2023 strategic plan

The CGCC’s 2024-2027 strategic plan also includes a goal of modeling fiscal responsibility and enhancing operational efficiency. That goal includes demonstrating sensible management of public funds.

They also hope to improve service to its stakeholders and minimize costs. There are also plans to modernize technology systems to optimize data integrity, maximize productivity and enhance the user experience. The CGCC hopes to build a culture of continuous learning, development and collaboration within its own workforce and in the community.

These goals are very similar to those listed in the CGCC’s 2020-2023 strategic plan. Then, the goals were to balance the work of the organization by approaching success from four distinct perspectives:

  • Financial
  • Internal Business
  • Customer
  • Innovation and Learning.

CGCC Executive Director Baxter says the commission made significant progress on those goals, which was reflected by several achievements. The organization conducted over 215 public meetings during those four years. They also received approval for and implemented 18 regulatory packages and provided technical advice or analysis on over 45 legislative bills and propositions.

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